Elderly Couple Sell House to Pay Child’s Bills, Now Homeless



Mother of 11 and grandmother of nearly 200, Mrs. Chana Hirschman, has accustomed herself to sacrificing for her family. However after one of her children became ill, the Hirschmans were drained of all of the resources they had, and forced to sell their home. Mr. Hirschman is now ill as well, and growing weak in his old age. The responsibility for maintaining their home has been placed on Chana, who is not a young woman.

The Hirschmans are now elderly, weak, and homeless.

Their children are in tremendous debt themselves, and unable to help them. Mrs. Hirschman has started a moving fundraising campaign, hoping that strangers will help herself & her husband to return home. The campaign text is signed “Sincerely, a Bubbe with a broken heart.”

Their request is a reasonable one. They are old, they are sick, and they desperately wish to return home. It has yet to be determined if that will happen, or if they will spend the rest of their lives with the humiliation of sleeping in others’ homes.

Donations are being accepted HERE to ‘send Bubbe home.’


  1. Maybe it’s time we stop the exploitation of all these people? I am a compassionate person, but there are thousands of people struggling out there, and this is so exploitive!

  2. 11 children with 200 grandchildren!!! That’s pretty amazing but how could it be??? Every child had 18 children of their own??? Are we talking about great-grandchildren as well? I certainly hope so!!

  3. Keep in mind, this bubby farkoffed I’m sure for all her children, diras in Beit Shemesh, the least we can do is help her out now after all the good she’s done…

  4. This has become the new way to fundraise. I hope people do continue to support even though the amount of campaigns has increased tremendously. Mi keamcha yisroel. About posting the picture, this is people’s own choices…i think they feel it will emit for compassion with hethe visual and they will gain more from the campaign.i am sure noone is forcing anyone to do so. I love how ppl always have to comment about how these sorry situations came about. If you have all the answers, i am sure your life must be issue free!!!


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