El Al, WestJet Sign Historic Deal


elalThe unique and strong bond enjoyed between Israel and Toronto took another step forward recently as, on September 12, Canadian Airline WestJet and Israel’s airline El Al announced a joint move where tickets purchased on El Al for Toronto, can now be purchased combining connecting flights to one of WestJet’s 30 Canadian destinations, as well as Florida and the Caribbean.

The official signing of the agreement took place in Israel on September 12 in the presence of Elyezer Shkedy, President & CEO of El Al; Dinah Kutner, general manager El Al Canada; and Gregg Saretsky, president & CEO of WestJet.

Saretsky travelled to Israel specifically to sign this historic agreement. Also attending the ceremony was Canadian Ambassador to Israel Paul Hunt.

El Al already has similar agreements with a number of US airlines including JetBlue, American Airlines and Virgin America.

Upon check-in, passengers will receive their boarding cards to their final destination, whether Tel Aviv or WestJet destinations as a result of the Interline Through Check-In agreement established between the airlines.

Perfect gateaway
“We are delighted to partner with El Al Israel Airlines to make travel across our mutual networks easier for our guests as we continue to expand our partnerships,” said Saretsky. “WestJetters are looking forward to welcoming El Al guests aboard our flights.”

“We are proud to partner with WestJet,” enthused Shkedy. “This agreement with WestJet provides various options to our Israeli and Canadian customers and is a continuation of the El Al strategy in expanding commercial agreements, both interline and codeshare, with leading carriers around the world.”

“The agreement expands and improves the network of destinations in North America and the Caribbean, especially to destinations in Canada like Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, as well as for WestJet’s routes including Mexico, Hawaii, Cuba and the Dominican Republic all via El Al’s gateway in Toronto,” added Kutner.

“Toronto is a perfect gateway as Israelis do not require entry visas to Canada and that both airlines operate from the same terminal in Toronto (Terminal 3).”

Special introductory prices are available combining EL AL and WestJet.

EL AL Matmid Frequent Flyers will receive additional 20% points for tickets combining EL AL and WestJet flights from 1-30 November 2011.

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