El Al: There Was No Danger to Passengers On Plane


elalEl Al Israel Airlines said today that while the jetliner with landing gear trouble was forced to make an emergency landing at Ben Gurion airport near Tel Aviv early this morning, no one was in danger during the flight, and no one was injured.

The Israeli flagship carrier’s chief pilot, Amos Mohar, said the Boeing 777 took off at 1:30 a.m. Monday and was en route to Newark, New Jersey, when the crew discovered a problem in the landing gear that connects the wheels with the body of the plane.

The jet turned back and circled above the Mediterranean throughout the night, waiting for daylight and dumping its fuel into the sea in preparation for the landing.

Mohar said the jet landed at dawn at Ben-Gurion International Airport. In case problems had developed, dozens of medical crews were standing by, hospitals were put on alert and Israeli warplanes were scrambled to escort the aircraft.

“At no point was there any danger to the passengers or to the plane,” Mohar said in a statement.

Still, passengers described a scary scene on board.

“People were very nervous,” Itzik Zinger, 36, told the Haaretz daily. “The El Al crew gave out food and tried to calm us down, but no one would eat, and it was very difficult to calm people down.”

He said passengers could see rescue vehicles on the ground ahead of the landing, and they were told to sit with their heads between their legs for an emergency landing.

“Everyone was happy and was grateful that it ended as it did, but we went through several hours of fear, it was a difficult time,” he said.

El Al Airlines said its plane was being inspected at Ben-Gurion.

The passengers were transferred to another flight that left later Monday.

{Herald Tribune/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Looking back it doesnt sound like they were in any danger Bh. If the landing gear is stuck in the DOWN position, while the plane cant fly well landing isnt a problem. When it is stuck in the up position and the plane is forced to land on one set of wheels or worse on its belly, that is a lot worse. Of course at the time all details werent known “sensationalizing” a story only worries people for nothing.
    And then again, tefilohs can only help

  2. “At no point was there any danger to the passengers or to the plane”

    Am Keshei Oref we are – a stiff-necked people who never learn. What do you mean, “at no point was there any danger”? Are you kidding me? What this unfortunately translates as is, “now that we think we about it, we don’t really have to thank HaKadosh Baruch so much – because we probably would have landed fine anyway yada yada yada”
    Hashem gives us the opportunity to stand up and thank him profusely for the yeshua and this is what we do in return. May we return to Hashem properly and thank Him properly for all the Tov He does for us.

  3. Right ! no danger! the 70 ambulances lined up & 20 firetrucks (there weren’t that many by the big fire in the Carmel)where just for…..?

  4. Um #3 Of course we should thank hashem profusely for everything that he does regardless of whether people were in danger. As you may know many people bench gomel with a bracha everytime they fly. This flight, while obviously scarier was no different The landing gear didnt come up what so the plane was forced to cancel the flight and land right away.

  5. I don’t know that anyone here is doubting that this came from hashem, as everything does. I believe that what ElAl is saying is that as the landing gear was stuck in the down position, there really wasn’t any additional cause for concern beyond the normal landing scenario.

  6. The pilot said he wanted to land in daylight so that the emergency crews wouldn’t have to work in the dark.
    No danger. Really?!

  7. #8 thats not why. They landed in daylight to give the fighter pilots a chance to look at the landing gear. Up until that point, there was no way of knowing if the landing gear was stuck in some mid position which MAY have resulted in a landing on bent landing gear (not as rare occurance as you might think do a search for “plane lands without landing gear)”, which could result in an emergnecy, this is why there were ambulances available, at the time nobody knew what state the landing gear was in. Once it was determined that it was stuck in the Down position the pilot landed as he does countless times. The people on the plane werent in danger BICHASDEI HASHEM (i dont see how this is negated), as the report states.

  8. #7 Yes it IS a denial that it comes from Hashem. How can anyone turn around and say that at no point was there any danger? And if Chas V’Shalom the plane had not landed safely because the wheel was less attached than they estimated? Do you think such a thing was implausible? Was it 100% certain that the plane was not going to do a belly landing?

    I can maybe hear a statement like “less dangerous than other landing gear incidents” but to say at NO POINT there was danger is akin to saying “we run the world and we KNOW just how things are going to turn out.”

  9. #11 two things:
    a. things that couldve happned dont create danger, yes at the time they thought they were in danger, but after the fact it turns out they werent. The landing gear couldve been less attached, and it wasnt 100% certain that the plane wouldnt do a belly flop. so what? there was no belly flop and therfore they were never in danger bichadei hashem. This is akin to a person who sees the roof of his house shaking so he panics and runs outside, he checks the roof and turns out it was fine all along he got nervous for nothing, Was he in danger?
    b. Inventing things that couldve happned is never logical, the landing gear couldve been less attached, the wings couldve fallen off. Are you in danger ritght now? If chas veshalom the roof suddenly collapses. Do you think such a thing is implausible? Are you in danger right now? Its plausible that the roof could collapse? Saying illogical things that couldve happned doesnt put people in danger, just becasue it could have happned

  10. #12
    A person can explain away any type of miracle, even Kriyas Yam Suf – because there are always natural ways (however improbable)that can be attributed to the cause, after the fact.

    In a regular flight, if the wheel had come off on landing, there would have been major shock and surprise – how could this have happened?

    In this flight, if the wheel had come off on landing, it wouldn’t have surprised too many people – after the all, the plane was experiencing heavy vibrations and there was a “difficulty” with the landing gear. There were also scores of emergency vehicles at the ready just in case.
    If what you were saying is true, there was absolutely no need for these vehicles, because according to you, once the jets had inspected the landing gear, this landing was NO DIFFERENT than any other landing whatsoever. And I emphasize “whatsoever” because the language used above is absolute and leaves no room for discussion.
    Behind all this “Logical discourse” saying there was never any danger is a desire to escape strengthened Avodas Hashem – because it’s work. We are so full of “intellectual” and “principled” excuses, that we’re happy to deceive ourselves.

  11. aderaba veaderaba my dear Yitzcahk. It is you trying to escape strengthened avodas hashem by saying oh wow its a miracle. Its easy to be oved when you see a miracle. If this non-miracle seems to ba miracle to you, and it stregthens your avodas hasehm, gezunteheit it is, then again so is breathing and life itself. THe challenge which you have trouble with is seeing yad hashem in all of that. That is why you are excited by ordinary events, that you find miraculous. Again, there is nothing wrong with that.
    I see the chasdei Hashem in that they were never in any danger, imnot looking for an “escape” I am looking for non-sensationalized facts

  12. “THe challenge which you have trouble with is seeing yad hashem in all of that.”

    Whatever. You’ve become defensive and I couldn’t follow the logic of your last post (I know, you think it’s because I’m illogical).

    The entire time I’ve been including myself in the need to strengthen my Avodas Hashem – this wasn’t a personal attack on you.

    I’ll give it one last shot: Let’s say a person is R”N found to have a tumor and has to undergo a biopsy, the person is being judged from above and people daven and say Tehillim. Now, the test results come back and it’s benign. The doctor says, “At no point was this person in any danger.”
    Baloney. You can look back once you’ve gotten Hashem’s verdict and say “all along it was fine. What was the whole point of getting excited?”
    Or you could say, “Hashem found me worthy and gave me a favorable din.”
    Is the person who chooses the latter being “sensationalist”? Is that what you honestly believe?

    You can respond as you like but I see we will never agree. Hatzlocha rabba

  13. #16 nailed it!
    except for the baloney part
    “at no point was the person in danger” Absolutly correct he was not in danger, that in no way contradicts “Hashem found me worthy and gave me a favorable din”
    If the person goes on and on and say i had a malignant tumor but a nes occured and it became beningn, yes he is being sensationalist


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