El Al Ranks Last In On-Time Performance


elalHas your flight been delayed? You’re in good company. Global flight tracker Flightstats, which provides information on airports and airlines, released over the weekend its On-Time Performance Service Awards for 2013 with full details on the on-time departures and arrivals of airlines around the world.

The company has been collecting data since 2005 about the performance of more than 800 airlines actors the world and providing real-time information to passengers on flight schedules, including through a mobile phone application.

Every year, the company publishes the on-time performance of airlines after examining millions of departures and arrivals of international passenger flights, domestic flights and low-cost flights.

The company’s report reveals that out of 27,752,213 flights checked in 2013, delays were recorded in the departure or arrival of 4,922,343 flights.

On-time departure is defined by Flightstats as flights departing less than 15 minutes later than scheduled gate departure. On-time arrival is defined as flights arriving within 14 minutes of scheduled arrival time. Read more at Yediot Achronot.

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  1. I don’t think EL Al cares, for you have to remember they get there in one piece. And you know those vicious black boxes that all the other air lines are afraid of EL Al welcomes them, yes the Tefilim that the men wear at 600am for prayer.

  2. Seriously, if one airline is going to come in last for being on time, would you have expected it to be Lufthansa? It’s called Jewish time for a reason.

  3. I was a country boy, living the all american dream, hard at work, drinking hard, not much in between, never gave much thought to matters of the spirit or the soul, wouldn't trade my way of life for a bushel full of gold!

    ELAL –

    E – Every
    L – Landing
    A – Always
    L – Late


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