COMPENSATION: El Al Offers ‘Shabbos Flight’ Passengers Free Tickets To Europe


El Al, Israel’s national airliner, announced Monday morning that it would offer passengers of last week’s now infamous “Shabbos Flight” free tickets to Europe as compensation for the extremely late departure of the flight, and inconvenience caused to religious passengers who were unloaded in Greece.

“El Al has decided to give roundtrip tickets for flights to Europe to all 400 of the passengers on the November 11th Flight LY 002 from New York to Tel Aviv, due to the inconvenience caused to passengers.”

The company also denied accusing religious passengers of attacking the flight crew.

“In addition, the company believes it is important to restate that, as already mentioned in a press release on November 19th, [El Al] never placed any blame on the secular or religious or haredi public for the incidents which have been reported. Any reports to the contrary were not made with El Al’s consent.”

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  1. They doubled down and are refusing to apologize. Did they even bother reimbursing the hotel fees to the passengers who stayed for Shabbos in Athens, but whom ElAl did not pay for their hotel (about 120 passengers..)?

    I hope that they’re prepared for the outfall of their short-sighted decision. They’ve had plenty of time to think about it, and they still won’t offer a real apology???

  2. To my fellow Jews:

    1) Don’t travel anytime that may result in Chillul Shabbos period, exclamation point!

    2) We live in golus both in Eretz Yisroel and outside Eretz Yisroel. Stop exploiting every situation especially where it’s transparent that the goal is renumeration.

    3) Members of the clergy or those dressed in Rabbinic garb should spend their time appropriately,not grandstanding.

    • Thank you! true words. very well written. Lets remember that most that are dressed in rabbinic garb here have come to america to raise funds; their behavior is very embarrassing for us jews that know how to live and behave amongst the nations… These men need to respect the people they are turning to.

      • Actually, many of the frum ppl on board were business people who travel this flight regularly because they cherish their family time and try juggle family and parnassa by ensuring that they are back in Israel for Shabbos. This time it didn’t work out. But it must have worked for them in the past. My brother-in-law takes this flight often, but now he has to rethink it.

  3. That’s not fair compensation. They should be given cash. Who says they want trips to Europe? Airlines don’t lose out by giving free trips as they are flying any way, but giving cash is another story.

  4. ElAl keeps digging their hole deeper. They just don’t get. What an arrogant immature company. Usually when a corporation faces such a public image disaster they hire a top of the line PR company to smooth things over. Instead, ElAl in typical Israeli fashion decided to give it to their thousands of loyal costumers. Do they really think a “free” ticket to Europe will erase all the hard feelings and negativity?! Can’t they just apologize? They just don’t get it. I, for one will never use ElAl ever again.

  5. They fell short of an apology. I say join the boycott.

    To me this is a capitalistic principle not a religious one. You mistreat customers they take business elsewhere- simple.

    So who’s in??

  6. Rather than join the boycott…. Organize a grass roots initiative of charedim who will not fly when there is a chance it may come to Chillul Shabbos r’l!
    Who’s in?

  7. The problem is elal has the monopoly. They have no competition in Israel. Unlike in the US, where there are rules and regulations, there are 10’s of different airlines to choose from. If one screws you over, like AA, so you just use Delta. In Israel, being that the bare headed corrupt inept government lets elal do whatever they please, with no oversight or regulations at all, they can continue to bully and poke their paying costumers in the eye. That’s why I hate the secular State of Israel. Being an American I purposely try to use American companies. I’m starting to feel that the BDS movement might be on to something, albeit for different reasons.
    Btw, if bare headed Israel is so smart, why haven’t they produced any of their own successful vehicles after all theae years? They just keep schnoring from the Germans.

  8. Stop it already all you “frummers” that make believe that they know Halacha
    It is shameful that you are claiming that 180 Yidden who travel continuously on these flights and don’t ask their Rabbonim whether they may. That takes tremendous chutzpa of you all
    BUT that has still nothing to do with the problem – the problem is El Al and their contempt of the Chareidim.
    They created a false story and tried to blame their problems on the Chareidim.
    They falsified a video to try to blame the Chareidim.
    And they still refuse to admit that they were the ONLY ones in the wrong
    Rabbosai – stop flying with them. Period. They don’t deserve the business of the Chareidim that they so despise.
    That is simple economics. Take your business to a company that welcomes your business.
    They could have apologized, admitted to the truth, said we were wrong and everything we said was not true. That would have been the end of the story
    But they won’t admit. They won’t even compensate.
    As one of the Israeli journalists just wrote – change the story – take out the word Chareidim and put in Arabs in its place. El Al would be condemned worldwide, and would have tripped all over themselves in offers of compensation and apologies.
    But that won’t happen – because it was with Chareidim.
    Rabbosai – take your business elsewhere.

  9. does el al consider all chareidim fools? what kind of ‘compensation’ is that, tickets to nowhere? and who is compensating chabad for all they did?


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