El Al CEO: Passengers Who Refuse Seat Partners Will Be Removed From Flights

A few months ago, El Al lost a lawsuit after asking a Holocaust survivor to switch seats. The uproar has also caused some liberal groups to call for a boycott of the airline.


  1. I smell a boycott of the airline. Why people can’t be respected for their preferences?? Let’s say I just don’t like the passenger why must l be forced? I paid $1300 for the right to be comfortable! No? Can’t they make a section for men and another for females? I don’t get it!

  2. It was fun, as long as it was free fun.
    It took ElAl a while to “chap” that.
    These kannoim will think twice if that kanno’os will cost them $$.

  3. Why don’t they just make a designated “men’s section” and “woman’s section” and “mixed section” and everyone will be happy? It’s a no brainer !!!

  4. Ive been asked to switch seats so a boyfriend and girlfriend can sit near each other. This decision is a disgrace! shame on ELAL! HYPOCRITES!

    If the person doesn’t mind, what’s the big deal to ask them to switch???

    • If a plane leaves an hour late because these modern day zealots- acting against the Psak of the Gadol Hador, R Moshe Feinstein- cause a delay, it’s clear that people mind.

  5. No, just Me it’s not just you. Many of us have the same question. Designate a few seats in advance for men and women and if not requested assign to any latecomers.

  6. I always felt that forcing the airline to switch seats at the last moment causes hard feelings and a terrible chilul Hashem. If someone asked a Sheila and was told that this is what they have to do al pi Halacha, let them buy the seat next to them in advance so that it will be empty. Just like everyone spends lots of money keeping other mitzvos, do it here as well and avoid a chilul Hashem.

  7. If you want to make sure that you don’t sit next to a woman, buy the 2 seats on either side of you. Otherwise just shut up and sit in the 1 seat that you paid for and she will sit in the 1 seat she paid for. Beware of fake piety.

  8. if your personal seating preferences are that important to you, why not buy a few extra seats that you can ensure will remain empty? stop making every one kowtow to your extremist views. I am not one for sinat chinam, but honestly, you are forcing people to adjust to your cheapness

  9. It’s a shame that ELAL has to resort to such undemocratic method while other ideas are more attainable. It is also the only airline that takes niftarim to Israel for burial. What if they retaliate to any communal action by eliminating that service – albeit a hefty-priced service! They’ve became more amenable to praying practices of the orthodox: why that and not this? It behooves me!

  10. what ever happened to “Pluralism” – respecting and accommodating other people’s values and culture? The airline could easily put such info into seat assignment programs.I’m boycotting Elal.

  11. So if a smoker sits next to a non smoker, the non smoker can’t request that a move be made? A person sitting next to a screaming baby can’t be asked to be moved?

  12. When you impose your frumkeit on others like causing commotions delaying a flight with hundreds of people on it that’s bad middos. They can ask someone nicely and respectfully to switch with them otherwise that’s the nisayon hashem sent them and they’re expected to pass it with a smile


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