El Al CEO Eliezer Shkedy To Step Down After 4 Years


el-al-ceo-eliezer-shkedyEl Al CEO Eliezer Shkedy announced today that he will be leaving the airline in about two months, after four years at its helm.

The company has notified the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange of Shkedy’s decision. It said a replacement would be selected and trained by the time he leaves office and that Shkedy’s resignation was not based on any issues within the company that could be relevant to stockholders.

“Over these years I have had the great privilege of heading a unique company of unusual significance to Israelis, Jews and lsrael lovers in Israel and around the world,” Shkedy wrote in his resignation letter. He said his four years “in one of the most challenging jobs in the Israeli economy” were “intense.”

Shkedy, a former commander of the Israel Air Force, has said privately that he is leaving the company simply because he has reached his limit there. Some have speculated that he has been appointed to a post in the public sector, but this has not been confirmed. Read more here.

{Matzav.com Israel}


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