El Al CEO Admits: Charedim Didn’t Riot On ‘Shabbos Flight’


El Al CEO Gonen Usishkin spoke on Tuesday evening with a leading rabbi who was on board the airline’s infamous “Shabbos Flight” last Thursday.

According to Israel Hayom, Usishkin told the rabbi, “I never said that the charedim on the flight attacked anyone. There was no physical violence.”

According to the report in Israel Hayom, the talks between Usishkin and the senior rabbi revealed that the CEO is aware of the fact that no unusual incident took place in the cockpit area, and that the pilot was aware that if the plane had landed before sunset on Friday at 4:40 p.m., which had turned out to be possible, it would not have been considered a violation of the Shabbos, and the religious Jews would have been able to spend the Shabbos in the lounge area at the Ben Gurion Airport.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. He has not taken any responsibility for the big lie about returning to the gate when in fact his pilot took off. Schmoozing privately with some unnamed “Rabbi” does not show any remorse whatsoever. If Gonen was serious, he would get in front of the cameras and make a public apology.

  2. They keep getting themselves deeper and deeper in trouble. Here a few quick steps they can take:
    1. Admit they lied.
    2. Fire the pilot or boss who ordered him to lie to passengers.
    3. Pay all the passengers for aggravation and grief.
    4. Take out full page ads in Israeli and American Secular and Chareidi papers admitting they lied.
    5. Make sure they never pull a stunt like this again.
    Problem solved. Anything less simply wont do.
    Until then, BOYCOTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 100% on the money
      Until they do everything listed above we should BOYCOTT
      Not to only punish El Al, but to send a message to all the other chareidi haters in Israel to stop their Dina’s chinom and bashing. They must learn to appreciate the chareidim for their good (Hatzoloh, Refuah veyushua, etc) and for their tremendous help to their economy
      Now if we can only get the Neturei Karta and their ilk, and the chareidi political parties to stop making chilul Hashems, we would be OK

  3. Why do we yell and scream at everything elal does wrong but when monsey trails did it we understand. You are no better then the UN just hating on any mistake related to the State of Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Why Boycott Elal when they are the safest airline? Does putting ones life at an increased risk by flying a different carrier supersede Shabbos? Are we not instructed to violate Shabbos when ones life is in danger?

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