El Al – Almost Least Punctual


According to the FlightStats airline and airport survey company, El Al rated third worst in punctuality last month out of 41 global airlines with 34.5 percent landing an average 51.3 minutes late. Only Ethiopian Airlines and EgyptAir rated worse.

SriLankan Airlines rated first with 91.37% of flights coming on time.

Ben Gurion airport also rated badly, taking 351st place among 376 airports with only 66 percent of 6,000 September flights leaving within 15 minutes of takeoff time, with an average delay of 48.3 minutes. The airport blamed El Al for the poor rating.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Way back when, someone told me that E.L.A.L stands for Every Landing Always Late. Doesn’t sound too good, but later I heard that it’s done for security reasons.

  2. It is disconcerting indeed because it is a Jewish company and it is ours but then again if they took a survey about feeling safe whole flying with them, they’d score a lot higher. Perhaps, only perhaps, a bulk of their latenesses are due to security! But how would anyone ever know! We are who we are! And then again, they are Israeli!

  3. Causes include but not limited to:

    1) security concerns/tracking

    2) People showing up late to the gate.

    3) Demands that seats be exchanged right before take off.

    4) high percentage of complainers…


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