El Al Admits Charedi Delay Was Only A Few Minutes, Not An Hour


El Al downplayed claims that a flight last month was delayed for an hour after a group of charedim refused to take their seats next to women, and instead said the stall was in fact only a matter of minutes.

According to initial reports from passengers on the Tel-Aviv bound flight, the aircraft was delayed for over an hour at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

However Times of Israel reported an eyewitness who claimed that, “the whole business with the Haredim didn’t take more than five minutes,” adding that a 45-minute delay had already been announced before boarding.

“The details that were reported about the incident were not accurate, to put it mildly,” El Al wrote in a response to a Times of Israel report. “In actual fact, the delay was totally unconnected to the incident. The plane’s journey to the runway at the airport in New York took about one hour and had nothing to do with the incident.”

In any case, the incident eventually resolved itself after two women agreed to switch seats so that the charedi men could avoid sitting next to them.

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  1. So where are all the reactionary comments of all the אוהבי ישראל who were so venomous in there comment posts??

  2. Why would anyone get ripped off and fly the second rate ElAl? I just don’t get it. What’s the obsession with flying with them? Direct flights? Security? Kosher peanuts? Minyan in front of the bathrooms? Being treated like a second class citizen? Non existent milage program? You can get the same with just about any other airline and save a ton of money in the process.

    • Without saying loshon hara, I agree with you.

      Elal has to step up their game which includes service and fleet. Why can’t Israel’s airline be almost as good as the Turkish or even swiss airlines? Israel has the brains!!!

  3. Meanwhile, we were all quick to believe this fake news, reporting negatively about Chareidim, Some even having talk shows on the topic. Shameful.

  4. I am glad El Al clarified this issue. However I am still confounded as to why anyone thinks they have a right to demand that someone else, who purchased their seat legally should switch seats. If you don’t like your seat, that is your problem, not someone else’s.

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