Eichler Wants Chief Rabbinate To Establish A Sefer Yuchsin


Following the recent Knesset decision to delay a conversion bill that would have granted the Chief Rabbinate exclusive authority over conversions, MK Yisroel Eichler of UTJ submitted a bill to empower the Chief Rabbinate to establish a sefer yuchsin, a record of which people were converted according to halachah.

“Since the establishment of the State of Israel, it has been clear to everyone that assimilation is a danger which destroyed Jewish communities in the Diaspora when they were cut off from Judaism and adopted foreign culture,” the bill explained. “Former President Chaim Herzog defined assimilation and intermarriage as a ‘quiet holocaust.'”

“The State of Israel has defined itself as a ‘safe haven’ for the Jewish people, not only in a physical sense, but also and primarily, in preventing the elimination of the Jewish people through intermarriage,” the bill added. “Therefore, it consented to enact laws of marriage and divorce according to Jewish law and conversion in botei din that operate in accordance with halachah to protect the Jewishness of people’s descendants and future generations.”

Meanwhile, Shas chairman Aryeh Deri told reporters that Reform and Conservative tactics were undemocratic.

The Reform and Conservative are Jews as far as I am concerned like you and me for all intents and purposes,” he said. “I love them and they are my brothers. Let them come here and live here in Israel and run in the elections and they’ll get political power and influence. But they cannot have a few thousand here and use their political and financial power abroad to dictate to me and to each one of us who needs to compete in elections.”

“When you see the wedding of Hillary and Bill Clinton’s daughter conducted by a Reform rabbi and a priest, when you see the Reform leader [Rick] Jacobs say that he is not willing to accept that Jewish intermarriage is a disease or phenomenon, should we give them the key to Israel and let them decide who can convert here in Israel under the Law of Return and receive automatic citizenship?” Deri asked. “What will happen with the infiltrators in another year? And I tell you, not for nothing is Gilad Kariv, head of the Reform Movement in Israel, one of heads of an association that helps infiltrators.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Please rabbi we have ancestry.com that IS a Sefer yuchim according to poshkim. Allow the Internet and set your self free.

    • Ancestry.com includes intermarriages, non-Jews and whatnot?

      With the rate of these non-Jewish gerim performed by some “rabbis”, it’s very important to have a sefer yochsin to keep the Jewish nation safe.

    • Maybe internet is a “sefer yochim” according to “poshkim”… which wouldn’t hold true of sefer yuchsin according to poskim.


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