Eichler: Kadima Incitement Could End in Murder


yisroel-eichlerThe Kadima party’s “campaign of incitement” is likely to end in murder, with a soldier shooting at a full-time avreich, chareidi-religious MK Yisrael Eichler (Yahadut Hatorah) said today.

Speaking to Hakol Diburim, Eichler called on the Elections Committee to ban the slogan before it causes violence.

The slogan in question is, “Eight hundred shekels for a soldier, three thousand four hundred shekels for an avreich,” a reference to the monthly stipend given to IDF soldiers. It was not immediately clear how the figure of 3,400 shekels per full-time Torah student was calculated, as many receive far less.

Eichler argued that the slogan put the party on a “slippery slope” in regards to the way it relates to the chareidi community.

MK Yochanan Plesner of Kaimda was unimpressed by Eichler’s warnings and termed his comments “unusually brazen.” The latest campaign slogan, “is not against chareidim, it’s pro-soldiers,” he said.

Plesner argued that in addition to the 800 shekels that full-time Torah scholars receive each month from their yeshiva, they also get discounts on city tax, benefits from the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi), income benefits and sometimes housing benefits as well.

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  1. To #2: On what planet do you live? Jews forcibly evacuate other Jews from their homes and livelihoods for years with no end in sight, they jail fathers and teenaged girls for days at a time. Don’t put anything past them.

  2. “The Kadima party’s “campaign of incitement” is likely to end in murder, with a soldier shooting at a full-time avreich, chareidi-religious MK Yisrael Eichler (Yahadut Hatorah) said today.”

    As most of the commenters realize, or ought to, he is just reciprocating to regular doses of ‘“campaign of incitement” claims’ that a full-time avreich or a say,a settler will attack some member of the establishment

  3. For Kadima to engage in this Charaidy bashing, is a face saving manoeuvre, to their Left, hating, foolish base! Kadima won’t even get 1 seat in the new Knesset!

  4. Chaval that Eichler phrased it that way. He is right, though, in that the poster is pure incitement. And Plesner knows it. This “not anti-chareidi, pro-soldier” business is pure nonsense.

    NO avreich gets 3400 shek a month because he’s an avreich. All those other benefits are available to everyone in the country. Those who serve in the IDF get housing benefits as well, and whenever they are in uniform they are entitled to free transportation wherever they go.

    As far as city tax, income and Bituach Leumi, anyone in the country is invited to make the same monthly salary that the average chareidi family makes and have the same average amount of children. Those are the basis for these discounts and benefits, nothing else.

    Plesner knows all this. He also knows that the average Israeli on the street does not, and is taking advantage of it to get more votes.

  5. My husband is an avreich…. why don’t I know anything about the 3400 NIS??

    We don’t get (or ask for) a red cent. Some do get stipends from Misrad Hadatot. Bituach Leumi? Arnona discount? Yeah, you get all kinds of discounts and benefits if you’re POOR. A soldier can be poor too. An Avreich can be rich. 3400 per avreich is 340% nonsense.

  6. Soldiers enjoying free transportation in uniform are doing so while working, often risking their lives. It shouldn’t red stipend for a soldiers salary, but you know, a salary. They are working. They get paid.


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