Egyptian Journalist: ‘Scope Of The Holocaust Is Just A Rumor


Egyptian journalist Dr. Hoda Zakariya, a lecturer on political sociology, said that while “there was some persecution of the Jews by Hitler,” the scope of the Holocaust is a “well-known historical rumor.”

Speaking on the Egyptian DMC TV channel on Feb. 7, she complained that if you “made the mistake of questioning the number of victims while in the U.S., you would face trial in the morning,” and that “Germany, which is considered the venue of the Holocaust, is footing the bill … several times over, to Israel.”

Dr. Hoda Zakariya: “There are well-known historical rumors, like the rumors about the Holocaust. Everybody repeats them. The Zionists have succeeded in getting the word ‘Holocaust’ to strike root throughout the world.”

Interviewer: “The Holocaust is just a rumor?”

Dr. Hoda Zakariya: “The scope of what happened in it is. There was some persecution of the Jews by Hitler, because of his racist theory. But then the story about the Holocaust was not [just] exaggerated. … It was referred to as a massacre, a genocide. It was said that millions—6 million Jews—perished in the Holocaust. The very word ‘Holocaust’ strikes fear throughout the world. When people started to pay attention, having received the idea of that Holocaust from them. … If you made the mistake of saying, in America: ‘I have doubts about the number of people killed in the Holocaust,’ you would face trial first thing in the morning. If you were recorded saying this, you would face trial in the morning … ”

Interviewer: “So the rumor is about the number of victims, not about the Holocaust itself?”

Dr. Hoda Zakariya: “No, it’s about the interpretations as well. To this day, Germany, which is considered the venue of the Holocaust, is footing the bill for that event, several times over, to Israel—to every Israeli citizen from Germany who has a number because of the Holocaust.”




  1. I see…so someone started a rumor and Germany immediately folded and became a slave of the Jews…It makes so much sense…IF you’re an anti-semitic animal. Very clever those Jews. They know how to start a good rumor.

  2. Another very important “rumor” she by the way forgot to mention,and that is that palestinians were living in Palestine prior to 1948,who then fled to Jordan,as ofcourse the jews have always lived in present day Israel since arriving there 40 years after leaving Egypt,how could this very learnerd journalist have possibly ommited to mention that too ?.

  3. Instead of speaking like a two year old…
    Why doesn’t she ask someone who witnessed it?
    There are still plenty of them…
    Was she there? Or is she just guessing?!

  4. Every country that existed at that time has a picture or hard copy or was there trying to get people released and was fighting to bring down the war mongers. So this person is saying all the world is wrong but who believes like her.

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