Egypt as Hostile as Ever Toward U.S.


general-abdul-fattah-el-sisiEgypt’s General Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi knows his country and what it takes to appeal to the Egyptian masses. The whole population is as hostile toward the U.S. as it ever was, report Michael J. Totten at World Affairs Journal.

Never mind that Americans backed the anti-Mubarak uprising. Never mind that Washington sought good relations with Egypt’s first freely elected government in thousands of years.

Never mind that the Obama administration refuses to call the army’s coup what it plainly was in order to keep Egypt’s aid money flowing.

None of that matters. The U.S. and its Zionist sidekick remain at the molten center of Egypt’s phantasmagorical demonology.
Sisi is plenty motivated for his own reasons to keep radical Islamists in check since they’re out to destroy him.

And his army is the one Egyptian institution that’s not at all interested in armed conflict with Israel because it would suffer more than anything or anyone else.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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