Eggs, Milk in Israel to Rise 5%


eggsThe joint Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Agriculture price control committee will meet today to raise the price of price-controlled eggs and dairy products by 5%. The price of eggs will rise by NIS 0.05 per egg, and the price of a box of a dozen eggs will rise by NIS 0.60 from the current price of NIS 12.20-12.50.

Earlier this week, chicken farmers halted egg deliveries to protest the government’s delay in raising egg prices, despite rising input costs.

State Comptroller Joseph Shapira advised delaying raising prices for price-controlled food items, including milk and eggs, in view of the serious findings about the high cost of food in Israel and regulatory failures that abetted them.

Minister of Finance Yuval Steinitz and Minister of Agriculture Orit Noked decided not to decide on the matter, and tossed the hot potato to Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to make a decision.

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  1. Yes, and we continue to build more settlement housing, which also needs infrastructure and IDF/police protection, while so many Israelis can’t finish the month with their paychecks. The government’s priorities are clear – and it’s not the Israelis inside the Green Line.

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