Egged Busses Return To Meah She’arim – With Police Aboard


meah-shearim1Bus service was restored last week to Mea hShe’arim after a hiatus of nearly two years, in which there was no public transportation within the neighborhood. The Egged bus cooperative had halted service due to ongoing sabotage and violence by a group of sick extremists rejected from the chareidi community who threw rocks and bottles at passing buses and punctured their tires.

A special police unit has been created to protect the buses and their passengers. Last Monday the new unit faced its first test, after someone threw a rock at a passing bus. Eyewitnesses related that as soon as the rock was tossed, it became clear that some of the passengers were actually plainclothes officers.

“Suddenly three guys jumped off the bus and ran after the suspect,” said a resident who was present but asked not to be identified.

SOme of the extremists say immodest advertisements on the sides and backs of the buses, as well as the failure to impose gender segregation among passengers, offends them.

An earlier attempt, in January, to restore bus service to Meah She’arim failed after a few days: Acts of sabotage returned almost immediately. Since then Egged and Israel Police officials had been discussing how to bring the buses back into the neighborhood.

The Jerusalem police department said it will not permit “any damage to Egged vehicles and will take harsh action against anyone” vandalizing or damaging buses passing through Mea She’arim.

Egged declined to issue a response.

{Based on a Haaretz report/ Israel}


  1. Why lemaan Hashem does Egged have to pass through Meah She’arim and provoke and infuriate the Meah She’arim residents with non-tznius ads? Typical secular cruelty!

  2. And so they should…arrest the hooligans!
    This is a public bus service and if you don’t like it…don’t use it!
    Enough with this Chillul Hashem.
    If you ever had in mind of returning some of these lost souls to yiddishkeit…you have turned them off forever.This is not the way to attract secular jews to return to the fold. You are just pushing them away further and further…
    What a shame that they don’t use their energy to go and learn a blatt gemara or do an act of chesed instead of waiting in ambush to throw rocks….no better than our enemies..
    Sorry..what a shame

  3. #3 and what about turning off religious Jews with those filthy ads that only secular Israeli know how in order to incite chareidim? FOR YOUR INFORMATION, RELIGIOUS JEWS ARE ALSO JEWS whose rights should be respected!!!!

  4. the reason why egged goes thru the neighborhood it is full of elderly residents who otherwise have to walk about twenty minutes to get a bus!! besides for th vast amounts of families taht go to the kosel on the 1 bus.

  5. These hooligans (crazies) are most likely the ones from the group who have their women go overboard in their dress and cover their faces (dressing like our sonim). They should be excommunicated from the Yiddishe fulk! Those who go overboard, go against the Torah and are worse sinners than those who blatantly go against Torah (because they don’t know better! These hooligans throw stones and endanger the lives of the bus riders and prove they are not religious; they just make a mockery of Torah and cause a chilul by masquerading as frumme yidden. They are also part of the erev rav (zeir) who are also found within frumme communities.

  6. where are the protests??? when these supposedly “fringe” groups deface the name of judaism in the public opinion everyone is silent but when someone tries to park in a city parking lot on shabbos the frum world alights in righteous anger. The sicarii/taliban mafia take over of meah shearim needs to be opposed not silently enabled.

  7. To Moshe (#4)

    You write: ‘RELIGIOUS JEWS ARE ALSO JEWS whose rights should be respected!!!!’

    Sikrikim and Naturei Karta are enemies of the Torah world. We cannot identify with them in any issue.

  8. There is no excuse for condoning acts of vandalism that create a tremendous chillul Hashem.

    There is also no excuse for Egged running buses through Meah Shearim that have pritzusdig ads on them. That is pure incitement and they know it.

  9. Now that the master mind of this nonsense has been beaten up and put into place, Egged can finally make a comeback.

    From what I hear, Meah Shearim is much calmer these days since some of those sekrikim are hiding.

    Kudos to those who had the zechus to carry this out. It will be some time before we hear from these crazy people again.


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