Egged Bus Driver Returns $20,000


Veteran Egged bus driver Satuf Tatu, who has hugged a steering wheel for forty years, conducted a security check after a trip to Haifa’s Neveh Sha’anan neighborhood and noticed a bag with $20,000 tucked inside. Immediately, he hurried the bag down to the local Egged office and together with the branch manager found documents inside that identified its owner as a Russian. Enlisting a Russian speaker, they informed the owner that his bag was found and he joyfully reclaimed it.

Egged reports that large sums of money have been lost and returned by drivers many times during the past few years, sometimes even before their owners noticed that their property was missing.

“This is the norm practiced by Egged and this is what we expected from those who hold the wheel,” an Egged representative said.

{ Israel News}



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