Egged Bus Driver Curses Chareidi Passenger


An Egged bus driver cursed a passenger who was trying to help a crippled daughter aboard while returning from the Kosel.

“I got onto the bus from the back door with my wife and my daughter’s buggy. Because our daughter is crippled and it’s hard to lift her, it took several minutes to get her up,” Yehonasan Chanan told Chadrei Chareidim. “Suddenly the driver got mad for no reason and started cursing me.

“The driver informed the passengers that so long as I did not get off, he would not go, so I went off embarrassedly,” he said. “I will file a complaint with the police and personally sue the driver.”

Egged said it would clarify what happened.

{ Israel}


  1. Oh no. It’s all over now. He should be shot at the firing squad. There hasn’t been a human so evil in the last 2500 years.

  2. Major news… The sky is blue. Happens 10 times daily, not sure why you expect differently from an Egghead bus driver.

  3. Assuming the story is true, Israeli law demands that the driver turn off the bus and go to the back of the bus to assist.
    Unfortunately, Egged in Yerushalayim is basically untouchable so no high hopes for this fellow, על פי דרך הטבע.

      • Why is he boarded from back? Illegal action by passenger.#2 most charidem doesn’t speak Hebrew onli Yiddish so the passenger doesn’t understand properly. Maybe the driver was helping? Who knows what?

        • In Israel boarding from the back is par for the course, and on many routes serving the frum community, the women routinely get on at the back. Even before that became common, it was very normal to schlep carriages, shopping carts and packages from the back, and then go pay at the front.

    • “assumed”…why did add this word, because the pass is ‘chareidi’?
      why didnt say whatever without the word ‘assume’ and we will deduct by ourselfs that only if true!!

  4. Customer Service
    Sensitivity training
    All NEEDED in the monopoly companies in Israel… all passengers should have gotten up in protest!!!

  5. Better spelling—-

    Egged drivers are specially trained to be extremely kind and respect to all passengers. Anyone who travels Egged knows and sees this. They are trained to say hello, and bye bye. Lacking these traits can lose them their job. In no other place in the world will you find respect more than Egged. Very special people. The say (although not confirmed), Egged bus drivers have the best marriages

  6. The time has come for the foolish liberal politically correct secular israeli gvmnt to give over the leadership to chareidi Jews. We as chareidim can replace all the Arabs working by importing a half million Chinese. We did it in New York we can do it in israel


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