Egged Attacked By Seculars for Providing Sefiras Ha’omer to Riders


sefirah-israelEgged, Israel’s largest transit bus company, has ceased its “Omer tracker” notification service after critics accused it of employing its digital signage equipment to share “irrelevant” information.

In an article titled “Slippery Slope,” Idan Yosef, a commentator at the News1 website, criticized Egged for catering to its religious passengers. “Public transportation cannot be allowed to present information that ignores entire populations,” he wrote

“Including a message that says ‘Happy Holiday'” is iffy enough, Yosef continued, “but it can be accepted, as long as it appears on Israel Independence Day and is shown on buses in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods.”

The chareidi community generally does not celebrate Israeli Independence Day.

In recent years, Egged installed digital displays on its fleet of vehicles that notify passengers what the next bus stop is, what other buses were available at a particular destination, estimated times of arrival, etc.

The sign system is also used to wish passengers well during various Jewish holidays. It was the first time Egged buses posted messages related to the Omer.

Egged decided to shut down the program. The company did not respond to a request for comment.

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  1. Why do these chilonim have to be busy with us all day?? Can’t they just stop and think about something else for once?

  2. Chas v’Shalom that busses in the zionist sstate should display messages that make references to the observance of actual Judaism. (sarcasm)

  3. #7, not so sarcastic after all! It’s the sad reality! Never mind that religious Yidden also live there &they pay taxes as well as their bus fare!

  4. If he doesn’t want the buses to cater to certain segments of the population then perhaps they shouldn’t accommodate the needs of the disabled or blind passengers either. Some of these chilonim really have too much time on their hands. Get a life, shoyta. That is a JEWISH star in the middle of your flag, isn’t it?

  5. How far are these Religion haters going to sniff for some trouble? So what, signs can display weather, time, date – so what’s so threatening about Omer date anyway?

  6. There is a silver lining.
    Who would have thought that the secular Yidden even know what Sefiras Haomer is?
    Moshiach is getting closer every day.


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