eBay Removes Offensive Holocaust Memorabilia


ebay-holocaustThe auction site eBay has apologised after Nazi Holocaust memorabilia, including clothes worn by concentration camp victims, were traded online.

Journalists claim to have found several items for sale, including a complete Auschwitz uniform worn by a Polish baker who died in the camp.

The Auschwitz uniform had reportedly been priced at £11,300 by the seller, a Ukrainian man in Canada, named as Viktor Kempf.

He had apparently sold similar clothing for $18,000 (£11,491) last year.

It was claimed Mr Kempf had been criticised in the past for selling such items, but did so to “document” them and to fund history book projects.

Mr Kempf was quoted as saying: “I don’t want people to think I’m just doing it for the money. These periods in history are horrific, nobody should ever forget them.”

EBay has offered to donate £25,000 to charity after the items were discovered and admitted they breached the terms of use.

The online retailer said: “We are very sorry these items have been listed on eBay and we are removing them.

“We don’t allow listings of this nature, and dedicate thousands of staff to policing our site and use the latest technology to detect items that shouldn’t be for sale.

“We very much regret that we didn’t live up to our own standards. We have made a donation to charity to reflect our concern.”

Other items found on eBay, by journalists at the Mail On Sunday, included shoes and a toothbrush said to have belonged to concentration camp victims.

There were also yellow Star of David armbands used by the Nazis to identify Jews for persecution.

An original copy of Schindler’s list of Jews saved from the Holocaust by Oskar Schindler went unsold on eBay in July.

The 14-page typewritten list – bearing the names of 801 men – originated from the German industrialist’s right-hand man Itzhak Stern, and had a steep opening bid of $3m.

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  1. Why is this considered “offensive”?

    Collectors need to be able to buy and save these items for posterity, in order to better remember what Amalek did to us!


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