Earth’s Center May Hold Water


earth-globeThe center of the Earth may hold a reservoir of water as large as all the planet’s oceans combined, according to new research published in the journal Nature. Scientists say they found a rare mineral called ringwoodite that indicates vast quantities of water exists some 250 to 375 miles under the surface.

The below-the-surface resource would be locked in molecular form in certain types of rocks, they theorize.

Researchers only first discovered evidence of ringwoodite in 2008, when it was found inside a brown diamond dug up by treasure hunters. Read more at Yahoo! News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. So there is no hot lava in the center of earth as they claimed before? I can’t argue with them as this version fits better with Breishis narrative.

  2. More proof for everyone that the Mabul happened as described, with water coming up from the depths and covering the highest mountains.

  3. Please.

    The center of the earth is a hot core of molten iron.

    “250 to 375 miles under the surface” means you have another 3,583 to 3,709 miles to go before you get to the earth’s center.


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