Dutch Christian Boatmaker Aims To Sail His Exact Replica Of Noach’s Tevah To Israel


Devout Christian businessman Johan Huibers, builder of the world’s only seaworthy life-size replica of Noach’s Tevah, is hoping to transport the gigantic ship to Israel.

Built according to the specifications detailed in the Torah, the 390-foot-long vessel towers to a height of 75 feet and cost nearly $5 million to build. It boasts enough wood to fell 12,000 trees. The ark instantly became an international tourist attraction when it was completed in 2012 after four years of construction.

“My preferred destination for the ark is Israel,” Huibers, 60, told JTA earlier this month. “This is a copy of God’s ship. It only makes sense to take it to God’s land.” It will cost $1.3 million to get to Israel as the ark has no motor, requiring tugboats to sail it).

“I love the land, I love the country, I love the people,” he said of Israel. “They don’t obey, they do what they want, they drive like mad, shove while waiting in line and don’t listen to anyone. Just like me.”

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  1. I’m glad he thinks he knows what the teva looked like. He should keep his kefira to himself, and you should keep it off this website.

  2. Here we go again. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg made a chulent mix out of Raiders of the Lost Ark. They probably read an English book on on some of the Neviem, nogia achris hayamim, and made luckshin out of it, especially at the end of the film. Be very wary of this expidition.

  3. “Exact Replica”? Did he replicate it from memory or from a picture?
    “…when it was completed in 2012 after four years of construction.” Four years? Is he a better carpenter than Noach, or did he just use power tools?
    Which p’shat in RASHI is he using for Tzohar?
    Where did he get all that lumber from, BP Lumber? Make sure he has a few giraffes sticking up their heads so it looks authentic. (Noach actually had them on the second floor – aber vas vaist a goy).
    I guess he has to use a tugboat, otherwise if he relies on currents to get to Eretz Yisroel he just might bump into Mount Arrarat and get stuck there.


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