Dubai Security Chief Slams Hamas Leader’s Lavish Lifestyle In Qatar


mashaalDubai police commander Dhahi Khalfan, who gained fame for alleging Israeli Mossad involvement in the assassination of Hamas official Mohammed al-Mabhouh at a Dubai hotel in 2010, has strongly criticized Hamas’s close ties with Turkey and Qatar, in addition to its abandonment of the Egypt-Saudi Arabia alliance.

“Hamas must cease firing rockets at Israel and accept the Egyptian cease-fire proposal, accept the Saudi leadership and abandon Qatar,” Khalfan wrote on Twitter.

Khalfan also criticized Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal for his lavish lifestyle in Qatar during a conflict in Gaza.

“He who lives in luxurious five-star hotels in Qatar cannot meet achievements for the Palestinians. The Palestinians must unite around Abu Mazen (Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas),” he tweeted.


{ Israel}


  1. FINALLY someone is saying something about the Palestinians living like paupers for hundreds of years “not 60” and the BIG GUYS living it up……..


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