Drudge Report Calls Turner Win “Revenge of the Jews”


drudge[Click here to view the headline.] News aggregator Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report, one of the most heavily visited news websites, responded to Bob Turner’s victory over Democratic state Assemblyman David Weprin in a special election Tuesday with a headline referencing the Jewish vote.

“Revenge Of The Jews; Dem Seat Turns In NYC,” screams the main headline of The Drudge Report, underneath a photo of President Barack Obama.

The race was supposed to be an easy win for Democrats, who have a 3-1 ratio registration advantage in the district.

But voter frustration with Obama put Weprin in the unlikely spot of playing defense.

Turner, a 70-year-old Catholic, vowed to push back on Obama’s policies if elected. He received help from prominent Republicans including former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, whose much-praised stewardship of the city after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks was recalled during the 10th anniversary of the attacks last weekend.

Weprin became embroiled in New York-centric disputes over Israel and same-gender marriage, which cost him some support among Jewish voters. Frum Yidden, who tend to be conservative on social issues, expressed anger over Weprin’s vote in the Assembly to legalize same-gender marriage.

Drudge’s headline links to an Associated Press story on the election results that does not specify the “revenge” referenced in Drudge’s headline. Matzav.com has attempted to contact The Drudge Report for comment on the headline. We await their response.

Click here to view the headline.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Al Gore says that it is all the fault of global warming. Otherwise, Weprin would have won. Because of the warmer atmosphere, people mistakenly pulled the polls for Turner instead of Weprin.

  2. I wish the main street media would report the facts – that most orthodox jews voted for turner as a protest against an orthodox jew boasting that he voted for g – marriage. I think if not for this issue weprin would have won.

  3. Who even looks at drudge’s pathtetic site?? who cares what dumb thing he wrote? is this important now? he’s a two year old running a blog

  4. hey #6 ever consider that there is is a world out there outside of whatever yeshiva coffee room you sit and hock in???

    apparently millions follow what Mr. Drudge has to say

  5. Turner won by a landslide in Brooklyn: 70% to 30% against Weprin.

    He won the seat held by both Weiner and Chuch Schumer before him.

    He also messed up the Dems plans to eliminate this seat, since the Dems need to pick a Dem seat to eliminate, and now this seat is not Dem so they will have to pick another NY Dem Congressman to eliminate.

  6. There are 53 portions (parshas) in the Torah. Turner won by 53%, perhaps it’s a hint that when you don’t insult the Torah, the Torah comes through for you?!

  7. Turner proved that you either vote for Israel in all things or you perish. This is what G-d and the Torah tell us.

    To question Israel is to demand your own demise. Soon, Lieberman will lead Israel and our people will take their rightful place as the Greatest The World Has Ever Known.

  8. This is a victory for Hashem. Glorifying his Torah, is the right path. The Hurricane and earth quake prior to it all, woke us Yidden up. And got us to realise that yesh manhig labira. And money considerations for heimishi schools, e.t.c. simply can’t make us turn against Hashem. Hashem has plenty of ways to get us money for the schools. It’s not necessary to profane his name while doing it. While we don’t dwell on the misoyoin of those suffering mishkav zuchur inclinations. Al tudun es chaverechu ad shetagia limikumo. But we still have to listen to Hashem and make sure that the mishkav zuchur unity never takes on the equivilance of the unity of marriage between a husband and wife. Mishkav zuchur is prohibited and those suffering it’s inclination, with feelings of suicide as result e.t.c.. Well while we have to sympathise with their plight we still can’t justify it. And well nobody’s is obligated to be in a unity with another person. And plenty of people have longings for normal opposite gendered people and just get on with their lives without giving into their taiva, their claim that their taiva brings on suicide, is simply unfounded. And so we are certainly not allowed to allow it to become fully accepted. It is really embarrassing that a Frum Orthodox Jew ran against a goi on this core issue, and lost. Let’s hope this Weprin guy does some Torah research and realises where he went wrong. And lets hope this starts a new trend where Mishkav Zuchur simply doesn’t become part of the norm. And frum people don’t vote in Democrats promising them big money. Whilst looking away regarding their mishkav zuchur opinions.

  9. What is wrong with you people the very next story on this website’s headline reads “Take This, Obama: Turner Wins, Takes Weiner’s Seat In Congress” Drudge didnt pullit out of thin air it is very much the attitude present here as well as on the street, that we should vote turner to “shtuch” Obama, that sentiment was not as strong as the ant-toeiva sentiment but it was and is still there nonethless.
    What as illy thing to publicise, Sadly our politile savy and acumen leaves much to be desired

  10. To #4: It is probably best that the media not report that. We do what’s right. But no reason to throw it in the face of the world that sees it differently.
    To #6: Drudge is hugely popular. And he is on our side on more issues that he’s against us.
    To #10: That makes absolutely no sense. If the Dems want to eliminate a seat, thaey’d much prefer to eliminate one held by a republican. Why throw a dem out, when you can throuw a Repub?
    To #11: There are 54 Parshiyos in the Torah.

  11. Yankel – of course it’s to “shtuch” Obama. Mayor Koch, a big libby, insisted that the vote should go to Turner for that reason alone! Thank G-d that happened.

  12. Drudge is in business and he knows how to advertise HEADLINES to attract customers.

    Any busineess savy individual woould follow course.

  13. To Mr. # 12:

    “Turner proved that you either vote for Israel in all things or you perish. This is what G-d and the Torah tell us”.
    Can you point out where?

    “To question Israel is to demand your own demise. Soon, Lieberman will lead Israel and our people will take their rightful place as the Greatest The World Has Ever Known”.
    I think you are in need of a refuah. I wsih you all the best.

  14. To Mr. # 22

    I think you are a self-hating Jew, an anti-Semite, and a foe of G-d, the Torah, and Israel.

    G-d tells us clearly that the Jew is the greatest of all people, Judea and Samaria the most holy of all lands, and Israel the strongest, finest nation the world has known or will ever know. When you argue these things, you spit on G-d, the Torah, the Jew, and mighty Israel.

    Turner showed the unquestioned power of Israel. More who oppose us will fall, in Congress, in Turkey, in the White House. We will rule. Lieberman will lead us to our rightful place of superiority over all men.

  15. To # 23, former Mr. # 12:
    First of all I am not a self-hating Jew. I do not hate myself at all.
    Second, Judea & Samaria is not holier than the rest of Eretz Yisroel.
    Third, please listen to Krias HaTorah this week.
    Fourth, I was brought up to believe in the ?”? ??????, which does not mention Lieberman as the person who will lead us back to our former and rightful glory.

  16. #24,

    Master Dershowitz teaches us that any Jew who criticizes Israel is self-hating and an anti-Semite.

    G-d and the Torah tell us that Judea and Samaria are the most holy of all places in Great Israel.

    Lieberman is the true master of Israel and will be the finest leader our nation, or the world, has known or will ever know.

    Weak infidels such as yourself must learn that Israel will never truly be free until we all learn to follow the Superior Lieberman without question or doubt. You are an enemy of the state, of Israel, of Zionism, of G-d, of the Torah, and of Jews everywhere. You will be defeated. Lieberman will rise triumphant. Israel will take its rightful place as the Greatest Nation in All Mankind.

  17. # 24:
    You still didn’t put an address for your brilliant assertion about Judea & Samaria.

    Who is thie “Master Dershowitz” you quote? Is he one of the Gedole Yisroel? I never heard of him.

    For which Lieberman are you campaigning? Is it the senator in the U.S. or is it the one from the Israeli cabibet? Which ever one it is you are contradicting the words of the RAMBAM in Hilchos Melochim.

    But who you are I clearly understand. Once upon a time it was called apikorus and now it’s called zionist.

  18. 27.

    G-d and the Torah have clearly stated that we are the Chosen People in the Chosen Land. We are therefore superior to the Christian and the Muslim, the believer and the non-believer, and all Gentiles.

    As Lieberman tells us, G-d has given us the lands of Judea and Samaria on which to build are most lasting and strongest fortress against our enemies, foreign and domestic. With the firm, unrelenting, powerful hand of Lieberman, we will rise to be the world’s superior people, the Chosen Land. All will fear us. We will do as we wish and none can stop us – not with G-d, the Torah, and the mighty Lieberman on our side.

    You are yet another example of Master Dershowitz’s anti-Semitic, self-hating Jew. You spit on Israel, on Judea and Samaria, on Lieberman, and on all of our people. You must be expunged from Israeli society. You are the enemy.

  19. SOL:
    After reading your comment # 28, I see that either writer of # 26 or # 27 is absolutely right.
    By the way can’t you come up with something new? All of your commemt you posted already on # 25.


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