Druckman Says He’s “Outraged” By Atzeres Tefillah


rabbi-chaim-druckmanReligious Zionist leader Rabbi Chaim Druckman called on the Religious Zionist community last night to stay far away from today’s atzeres tefillah against the chareidi draft.

“I totally reject [the march],” Druckman said last night. “If this demonstration is being held to say that Israel is fighting against the rule of the Kingdom of Heaven, I am so shocked and outraged by it.

“There is no room to say it’s permitted to participate in something like this. [To] those calling for the demonstration using shocking language: where we are living? Are we living in some dark regime fighting against …a war on religion? Thank God we live in Israel – even if I have criticized the state.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Leave it to him to isolate himself away from a super majority of Frum people including:
    Eidah HaChareidis

  2. The dati-leumi sect have outdone themselves here. Who is this person who imagines he or any of his ilk can argue on the Gedolei Hador? If there was any doubt it is now plain for all to see that the dati-leumi religion has no connection to authentic Yiddishkeit. They are no better than all the other reformers- safek mamzerim, safek goyim.

  3. Rabbi druckman does not know the meaning of Achdus klal israel needs to stick together and to show that you can not push around people

  4. nothing new here. Daas Torah , hefech daas balei batim.
    oh, its good to remember for the future- the next time he has something to say, we know that the Torah says the opposite

  5. #10, Anonymous: Yes, Rabbi Druckman was the one responsible with the mass conversions of the non-Jewish Russians & others, so they can serve in the army, etc. This was the most irresponsible unJewish thing to do. Mass conversions are a no-no. Only an individual can convert according to Halacha after being dissuaded three times. These are the Rabbis who owe their allegiances first to the State.


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