Dropouts Attack the Lutzk Bais Medrash


Israeli Police recently arrested six dropouts involved in an attack against the Lutzk Beis Medrash at the corner of Bar Ilan and Shmuel Hanovi Street in Yerushalayim. The episode began when three youths entered the beis medrash. One of them impudently seated himself in the rebbe‘s chair. When people came in and chased the ruffians out, they threatened revenge. Half an hour later a large group returned with pickax handles and began banging on the beis medrash door.

“Once the door opened, they entered in with pickax handles and metal poles and one even sprayed pepper spray,” an eyewitness said. “We were all choking and went outside. Even the rebbe, who was receiving people at the time, was forced to go outside.”

A gabbai noted that this was not the first such incident.

“These boys harass the beis medrash regularly,” he said. “We tried several times to talk to them nicely but they refuse to stop.”

{Matzav.com Israel News}


  1. Trying to talk to them nicely is a good start.
    How were they spoken to before they dropped out?
    How about trying to love them and care for them.
    They are hurting and desperate more than you can imagine.

  2. Sad story! It’s especially sad that they pick on this quiet, שטילער and extremely איידעלער צדיק to pick on!
    The proper way to spell the name is Loitzk – it’s been amended since that is the way it’s pronounced!

  3. So instead of using the opportunity to learn with the boys and show Ahavas Yisroel, the people in shul greated them with the unfortunately common shul greeting of “you are in my seat, my minhag of mokom kavua trumps mitsva deoraisa of Ahavas Yisroel”. No wonder they returned with violence. All these youth who want to bite like a donkey, who are not indifferent, have a better chance of turning Ovdei H than those who are apathetic and who don’t have enough interest even to hate.

  4. Sitting in the Rebbe’s chair is not an issue of “you’re in my seat”, rather it is a tremendous, and obviously intentional chutzpa! True, we need to find ways to be mekarev dropouts, but when they go out in groups to do this sort of thing, they are generally not open to what people have to say. This type of incident occurs all to often in that area, and something has to be done about it!

    • How does a newcomer know that this is a Rebi’s chair? Is there a sign? Even if done b’chutspa, is it enough of a reason to throw out a Yid from a Beis Medrash, wasting an opportunity to assist a neshama that’s crying for help? It is questionable if sitting in a Rebbi’s chair has a din of disrespect or not, letting another Yid drown spiriritualy for sure violayes many deoraisadike mitsvos. Pre-Tshuva Reish Lokish and R Akiva might have made a very negative impression, yet look what they became. It’s not for us to judge another Yid.

  5. Dear Reb Anonymous!
    I feel You. It seems to me though, Your poignant point would be even more effective, had there been more non-judgmental Ahaas Yisroel therein.
    So chill-ax Brother and You’re good to go.

  6. a concerned yid,Itzik,

    Calm down

    Someone sat once in Dayan Fischer’s zt”l chair. He told the person the more choshuve seat is on other side .So the person moved over

  7. Those kids are not “dropouts”. In fact, they are far-left anti-frum Meretz supporters. If they were actual yeshiva dropouts, then R”L they would they joining the Hilltop Youth, an organized crime gang of OTD Israelis who attack random Arabs.


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