Shalom to Hold First Ever Alumni Breakfast


shalomBy Malka L. Josephs
“I love the education and Jewish learning my kids are getting at Shalom”, says a satisfied Shalom Torah Academy parent, “If only I could convince more of my friends to send their kids here – but without a proper school building and grounds, they won’t even consider it.” Such has been the lament of many a Shalom Torah parent over the past years. Families within the Shalom network have often felt that they’ve been sitting on a secret treasure chest – a gold mine of Torah education with incredibly dedicated teachers and staff that, until now, has unfortunately not been available to the thousands more Jewish families in their area.. Our enrollment from pre-school through junior high is growing steadily and we are literally bursting at the seams.. “It is so much easier to be religious when there is unity and involvement in every aspect of our children’s Jewish educational experience,” comments Toby, a recent addition to the parent body at Shalom Torah Academy. “The fact that Monmouth Torah Links works hand in hand with Shalom to involve families in trips and activities is making a difference not only in our lives but in the greater Jewish community.”

By charting the progress of a typical Shalom family, we find pre-school students opening a door to Torah learning that has been long since shut in homes entrenched in a secular world. By the time these young students have grown throughout elementary school, however, we witness incredible Nachas at seeing B’nei and B’nos Torah on the threshold of Yeshiva high school, who have often brought their families along on the journey. Consider the poignant comment of a parent of Drew W., a three year old nursery boy at Shalom Torah who called the teacher to relate the following: “Yesterday, my son recited the entire Bracha on a cupcake. I couldn’t believe it! I remembered my mother’s grandfather who lived on Ocean Parkway and how he used to say the same words before he ate. My husband and I decided on the spot that since Drew is so knowledgeable, we would let him run the whole Passover Seder.” That Bracha marks the very beginning of Drew’s journey.

With much anticipated excitement, all Shalom Torah Academy alumni are called upon to to join as Shalom celebrates its achievements at its first ever Alumni Breakfast at the Radisson Freehold, this Sunday, June 14 at 9:30 AM. To reserve, call 732.363.5700 ext 20.

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