DRAMATIC VIDEO: Israeli Police Arrest One of the Arsonists Behind Current Fires



    • Hey shoyta, the guy just rammed a police vehicle at full speed, knowing he could be killed upon impact! He was obviously ready to die for his cause. It’s stupid pacifists like you who are, oh, so concerned for the “feelings” of a terrorist that you would rather give up your life or someone else’s life. When we have such idiots like you out there, we have to be all the more concerned.

    • do you have an idea the level of adrenilin these police and securty forces are working on??? Do you have an idea how little sleep they had… They finally catch one of the perpetrator. There was nothing bad done to him, this is exactly what other terrorists she know before they do anything; they will not be treated with golden gloves. In america they find you and arrest you with perhaps class but the sentences and courts are completely disfunctional; like old mother russia.. You are completely disconnected from reality

  1. Wow, this is great stuff. Heart pounding action in real time. Was this a real road block? What, the dumb Arab thought he would just crash thru the car and keep going? I saw the black guy holding the rifle.

  2. Anonymous:
    Beg to differ. Firstly, anyone that has sufficient reason to be a suspect in this type of despicable crime is treated in a like manner-even here in the US, a bastion of constitutional democracy. Secondly, the Israeli Police are very well reflected here by how very seriously they take this.

    If there is an avluh here, it is that the faces of the Israelis were not concealed digitally….that is careless, and downright stupid.

  3. “weird amount of force” ? Dont be ridiculous. He could have had a bomb on him or make a sudden move or triggered a bomb in his vehicle. In Israel, unfortunately, they cant ever afford to take a chance. Besides which this would be pretty much standard procedure in any country under these circumstances.

  4. re: comment #1: first of all, mr “anonymous”, are you such a big “anov” that you must remain anonymous? and secondly, yes, a “wierd amount of force” is required when dealing with these inhumans! they have the same DNA of those that would not think twice about chopping your head off. i say just the opposite. why was there such a “mild amount of force”? he should have been shot dead on the spot.


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