Dramatic Photo of Baby Hanging Out Window of Burning Bronx Apartment


fire-bronx-smallHere is the dramatic picture of a 7-month-old girl being dangled precariously out the fifth-floor window of a burning Bronx apartment on Monday.

The photo, taken by neighbor Maya Tucker, shows how close to death little Zaniwah Alexandra came before firefighters scaled ladders to save her.

Zaniwah’s cousin, Vanessa Scott, 18, told the Daily News she held the baby out the window so she could breathe.

fire-bronx“I slid the baby through the [child guard] bars,” said Scott, who suffered smoke inhalation in the 2 p.m. blaze at the Pelham Parkway Houses that started in a closet.

“There was just smoke everywhere and flames. I couldn’t get anywhere except for the window,” she said. “You couldn’t see anything.”

Firefighters scaled a ladder to pluck Zaniwah from the window and save Scott and eight other relatives, including Zaniwah’s mother and 2-year-old sister, from the blaze.

Zaniwah’s father, Michel Alexandra, survived by jumping from a window.

{NY Daily News/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter} 


  1. #2 This photo shows the importance and dignity that humanhood has for life. If this strengthens your love/respect/honor for life, then you will be rushing to do chesed, mitzvohs, and limud hashem.

  2. I am shocked at comment #1 &2. You people are so brainwashed and racist that you think a human being with dark skin is really incapable of feeling mercy ? Especially for their own kin? Even an animal has. WHy shouldnt a descendant of Adom ha rishon?

    In response to the question put forth by #2:
    Maybe understanding that the world doesnt start or end with only us- that others can demonstrate good deeds can potentially help you in humility and that may help you in avodas hashem.


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