Dr. Ferziger: ‘In The Next Generation, US Jews Will Disappear’


dr-adam-ferziger“In the next generation, a significant part – which may even be the majority of ‘US Jewry’ – will not be Jewish according to the halacha, in light of the growing dimensions of intermarriage throughout the past few decades.”

The person responsible for this statement was not surprised by Chelsea Clinton’s marriage to the Jewish Marc Mezvinsky, or by the blooming relationship between Yair Netanyahu and the Norwegian Sandra Leikanger. Dr. Adam Ferziger – an expert in the study of modern Jewish denominations, and a senior lecturer at Bar-Ilan University’s Department of Jewish History – led an international research group which convened in Oxford in early 2013 to study Jewish theology in the 20th century.

According to Dr. Ferziger, plenty of books published in the United States in recent years explain why young non-Jewish girls should “get hold of a Jewish groom,” as Jewish men are considered in the American public to be intelligent and gentle, non-violent and not alcoholics, make a good living for their family and find a way into the industry and liberal professions.

“There isn’t one reason for assimilation,” Dr. Ferziger stresses, “but one of the main reasons is that the Jews succeeded in the great project – integrating into the US. They have integrated so well, that most Americans don’t see being a Jew as a negative thing, but actually consider it an advantage.” Read more here.



  1. What makes him an expert?

    Many years ago the Jewish Observer published a study on intermarriage and 30 years later there dead right on the money
    Only difference is that they underestimated how many more B’nai Torah there would be

  2. He is right. But I do not think that Jewish life is going to be destroyed. Just our families and our conversations about what truly constitutes Evil. Our children are not ready for a true blessing and too many intermarry. And the reform and conservative “societies” are the main reason for this loss of Torah Intelligence. Worthless comedy. Hopefully the future will clearly be with true Orthodox Jews who keep the Commandments. And I think we are indeed in the way.

  3. In the sixties a major magazine in the USA wrote a piece on the vanishing American Jew. Way before the Jewish observer did. They re played the article either from time are life They said by the year 2000 there would not be a Jewish population in America. And we are flourishing
    Unfortunately the secular Jews are intermarrying But perhaps that to is our fault. There was a time every orthodox shul ran a Hebrew day school after PS ended WE ended this practice when we became insular and intolerant
    Some of the finest rabbis from Torah vodath Rjj and others where teaching these children. Why they should be proud Jews. I no of scored that became religious because of this.
    Interesting price thoughtful but never fear.

  4. “In the next generation, a significant part – which may even be the majority of ‘US Jewry’ – will not be Jewish according to the halacha,” He is not stating that he believes US Jews will “disappear.” Be greatly reduced in numbers, yes, but disappear? Not what he said. Please be a little less alarmist in your headlines.

    A better question – why has the flood of Jews returning to Yiddishkeit slowed down so much? Why have we as a community lost so much of our appeal to the Jewishly uneducated? The generation of heroic Holocaust survivors who rebuilt the world of Torah here seems to have passed, along with their ability to influence the not-yet-frum. Why have they not been replaced?


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