Dozens Of Protestors March To Colorado Home Flying Nazi And Confederate Flags


Dozens of demonstrators marched to a home in Colorado on Sunday to protest against the public display of Nazi and Confederate flags.

The Associated Press reported on Sunday that about 70 people gathered neared a home in Fruita, Colo., after a man raised a flag featuring the swastika logo outside of it.

The owner of the flag, who also had Confederate and American flags raised outside, told a local news station that it was his right to raise the flag and that he had no plans to take it down.

The man later relented and took down the Nazi flag. The Confederate flag, however, remained flying.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. I don’t understand the point of the first commentator. The current protest was under the watchful eye of the police and according to established rules of procedure. The Tucker Carlson case was dark at night with physical trespassing on the premises and open physical threats.


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