Dozens Fired After Skipping Work To Participate In ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ Protests


As numerous restaurant employees were given leave on Thursday to march in “A Day Without Immigrants” protests, others returned to their posts Friday to discover that they were out of a job, Yahoo Finance reports.

Across the U.S. employers fired hundreds of protesters who skipped work to participate in rallies.

Eighteen employees at Bradley Coatings, a company specializing in industrial coatings, were let go after not showing up for work, according to an NBC affiliate. The company noted in a statement that the employees were not terminated for attending the protests but for being absent.

“This past Wednesday night, certain employees of BCI informed their leadership that they would not be at work the following day,” the company said in a statement. “Because of the time-sensitive nature of the jobs these employees were assigned to, all employees were told that they would need to show up for work or they would be terminated. On Thursday, the majority of BCI’s employees fulfilled their obligations to our clients, but eighteen employees did not. Regretfully, and consistent with its prior communication to all its employees, BCI had no choice but to terminate these individuals.”

Twenty-one people were fired for missing work at Encore Boat Builders in Lexington, South Carolina. At least 31 workers were let go from Colorado-based JVS Masonry for not showing up Thursday. A dozen employees at I Don’t Care Bar and Grill in Oklahoma were also fired for not notifying their employer that they would be taking the day off. Read more at Yahoo Finance.



  1. I love it. This is how commerce works in a democracy. Like I’ve commented here before, Liberal ideology NEVER works in commerce. Either you play by the rules, or bye bye. Just ask George Soros or Warren Buffet. They invest in businesses that make them millions upon millions regardless of any corruption involved. They can chop down every last tree, kill every whale, kick blacks out of their homes, burn down Mosque, destroy the ozone layer, starve seniors, kiss Donald Trump on both cheeks, etc, etc….. If it makes them money/profit, they are in. That’s the reality. All their hypocritical speeches about how evil the Republicans, Jews, Christians, Israel, moral people, global warming, etc are separate from their profit making businesses. All those stupid gullible fools who took a day off and are now out of work, really taught that evil Trump a lesson he won’t easily forget. Yeh, ok.

  2. Lol! I can’t stop laughing! The idiots are following a simple equation: Skip Work = Unemployed = Depression = Crime = Deportation!


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