Dov Lipman: ‘If Chareidim Understood the Draft Bill, They Wouldn’t Oppose it’


dov-lipmanThe Yesh Atid party has found itself at the center of more than a few political storms during the current Knesset – and its only “so-called “chareidi” member, Dov Lipman, speaking to Arutz Sheva, said that despite media reports to the contrary, implementation of the recently-passed draft law is going “very well”, and that the reason for chareidi hostility to the bill is the “huge gap” which exists both between the realities of the law and what the chareidi press has been reporting, as well as between the chareidi leadership and the rest of the community.

However, he cautiously suggests that those gaps – and in particular the former – are closing, and insists that far from alienating the chareidi public, the enlistment bill is speeding up their integration into Israeli society.

Regarding the law itself, Lipman clarified that “hysterical” predictions that it would usher in a campaign of arrests targeting the chareidi community were simply false. Far from targeting chareidim specifically, he claimed, the law explicitly states that until 2017 chareidim will still be treated more leniently than other Jewish Israelis, and will not be criminally sanctioned for avoiding the draft. After that date, the only change will be that the chareidi sector will be treated the same as any other group, in that if they dodge army or national service they may face criminal proceedings.

As proof, he pointed to the fact that the campaign of mass-arrests predicted by many chareidi spokespeople “never materialized”.

When asked why his party opted for criminal, as opposed to financial sanctions – such as those proposed by the Jewish Home party – Lipman pointed out that in the initial coalition agreement Yesh Atid had indeed supported the financial option. However, legal experts had warned them that such a bill would be discriminatory and almost certainly fail in the courts.

“The families of non-chareidim who dodged the draft could turn to the court and ask ‘why should our son sit in jail? We’re also willing to pay a fine instead!'”

Furthermore, he added, such measures would be genuinely unfair, since they would create “a situation where the rich would simply be able to pay their way out of army service, and the poor would suffer.” Read more here.


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  1. Dear Dov
    If you understood what Torah is all about you would NOT pull the Chareidim away from learning Torah.

    You remind me of Paro in Mitzraim.

  2. If Dov Lipman was really “Chareidi”, he would not be pushing this Government-Knows-What-Is-Best-For-The-Chareidim legislation. And it is quite extraordinary how “Chareidi” has become such a pejorative reference emanating from Israeli government officials.

    This issue is not necessarily a matter of fairness, nor is it necessarily a matter of military service. It is all about the Israeli Government sticking their nose into the lives of a segment of Israeli Jews who devote themselves 100% to Torah learning.

    This segment of Klal Yisrael simply wants to learn Torah 100%. No more. No less.

    To these people, Torah learning 24/7 IS their life; however, to the faculty-lounge characters like Lipman who think THEY know what’s best for these Jews, they have resorted to heavy-handed government tactics to get their point across.

  3. Dov, you’re a perfect example of what happens when chareidim are pulled out of the bais medrash and “integrated into Israeli society”. May you come to your senses and return to the emes of Torah soon.

  4. Dovy, your treiffa hashkafos have blinded you from the truth. You live in a tumahdika darkness. You represent a danger to Frum Yidden. You aught to save your neshama and do Teshuva while you still can. You don’t want to use up all your merit in this world and be left with nothing in the next.

  5. I was just in eretz yisrael. NO ONE in the chareidi community cares about him or what he says. Why does Matzav care? Leave it alone already – he’s a has-been who’s clearly misguided.

  6. I think I know the bill. The good part of the bill is that the old injustice of not allowing Chareidim who didn’t serve to work, is now being lifted, and a work permit is being granted to all Chareidim as long as they’re happy with the numbers enlisting to the army. However, that shouldn’t be dependent on the army in the first place – and the reason they’re stopping that is because they realize the whole country is loosing out by this policy.

  7. #1
    The difference is that paro realized he was a rasha, therefore he eventually did t’shuva – as king of Ninveh.
    This meshumid thinks he’s a tzadik.
    He probably won’t have the zchus to do t’shuva. Not after trying to rip so many people away from Torah.
    Torah is Emes, and in the end WILL win, & he & his ilk will ‘retire to a warmer climate’.

  8. how dare this young whipper snapper have the gall to say that a “huge gap” exists between the chareidi leadership-our Gedolei Torah-and the the rest of the community! Afrah Lepumei!!!! It is this double-talker who has the gall to call himself chareidi who is the one that is out of touch with the Chareidi standard bearers-the Chachmei Hatorah!

    And what is this Chacham from the Mah Nishtaah saying anyway about the draft law that everyone doesn’t already know? If G-d forbid his doctor told him that he found an inoperable cancerous growth and he will get very sick and likely die in 2017? would je throw a party? Shoite.

  9. Ad mosai zeh yiheyeh lonu lmokesh. Eretz Yisroel and the Jews there were saved miraculously, because Jews have a special relation with Hashem and because of the Torah. Lipman and his Yesh Atid seek to ch”v remove that protection. Hashem Yishmor

    Why do you have to report what this apikoires says? He claims to know better then our gedoilim, Manhigim, Askanim and of course us what is better for us. What a no goodnik!! I think he should join his colleage Piron for some rittalin.

  11. During Sefira we should not talk like this. You have a different opinion, thats all. There’s no justification for name-calling.


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