Dov Lipman Dismisses Claim He Made Death Threat Against Yaakov Litzman


dov-lipmanMK Dov Lipman of the Yesh Atid party has denied a claim by a MK Yaakov Litzman that he had issued a death threat against him during a heated Knesset session.  The US-born Lipman told The Times of Israel that the exchange, which was said to have taken place Wednesday, “didn’t happen” as UTJ MK Litzman had described it.

“It’s actually a non-story,” he declared.

It had been reported that following a stormy Knesset debate discussion about tax breaks for new homeowners – during which the charedi MKs were said to have insulted Lipman repeatedly, referring to him as “[Finance Minister] Yair Lapid’s charedi” – Lipman approached Litzman and asked him to stop the name-calling.

“He came over to me and said that if I don’t stop mocking him, he’ll do something to me. I saw it as a death threat,” Litzman said. “I think he is unstable. I will file a complaint and the Knesset will take care of it.”

But Lipman said that while he did head over to Litzman in the aftermath of the discussion, the conversation between them did not transpire as Litzman claimed. He averred that he hadn’t threatened Litzman at any point in the conversation.

“I didn’t say anything that resembled it,” he said. “It’s a little bit bizarre that someone can invent something like that.”

The conversation, he said, had taken place in the context of a committee hearing dealing with an issue that had been “going on all day.” During the hearing, Lipman said, several chareidi MKs “went after” him, as he said they often do.

“I usually sit quietly,” Lipman explained. This time, however, Litzman ‘”crossed a certain line, and I said, ‘please stop.'”

Lipman said he had gone over to Litzman to ask him to limit his criticism of him to the issue at hand rather than insulting him personally.

“I don’t remember the exact words,” Lipman admitted, but said he had asked Litzman to “keep the criticism to the subject at hand” and to “stop with the personal attacks,” which the Yesh Atid MK stressed were “of a very personal nature.”

Litzman said that he had requested a Knesset security detail after the conversation. But Lipman said nothing out of the ordinary had occurred, adding that arguments between MKs are “just a normal thing that happens in the course of the Knesset.”

He stressed the conversation he had with Litzman, though not exactly friendly in nature, was “not relating to any threat whatsoever.”

Lipman added that when he heard Litzman’s, he asked the MK who had been sitting next to Litzman when the conversation took place if anything he had said could have been construed as a death threat – just to be on the safe side.

“The MK said I pointed my finger at [Litzman] and that it seemed like a threat,” an incredulous Lipman said, concluding that he had “nothing further to comment about something which is really invented.”

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  1. Whether you agree or disagree with Dov Lipman politically, religiously or hashkafically, FINE. But we must stop the personal attacks — this is clearly kneged Torah.

  2. knowing lipmans hatred of hareidim, theres no question about it, he is in the wrong. I have a cousin who lives near him who says even the hilonim think he is unstable


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