Dov Hikind Blasts Those in Boro Park Who Called Cops ‘Nazis’



  1. DOV

    You are just looking for KOVOD please leave office which you and your son lost in grace.

    I would send all those who screamed to the Holocost museum. This is how they act in Israel not here.

    Go to Crown heights where the people not animals and they would never scream at police Nazi . Go to 5 Towns that would never happen. Go to any place except BP

    Dov you represent these people.

  2. I agree that the Nazis chant was out of order, but keep in mind that it was done by very few people there. Perhaps only one.

  3. Those “few” individuals in Boro Park. Let’s keep that in mind. There were just a few people (+ teens/kids). Most of the people were just confused about what was occuring. In any case, some people need lessons on how we are supposed to act in Golus and I guess conflating minor (questionable/perceived) anti-semitism with Nazism.

    • Hey 2 eyes, do you know how are we supposed to act in Golus – by being don yisroeilim ledan zchus, by taking your brothers’ side by default, and by calling out NYPD anti-Semitic double standards when you see them – you’d never see NYPD giving any trouble to blacks, muslims, or homeless drug addicts. I know you smarter than being a self hating useful-idiot.

      • Thought that was what I was doing by pointing out that it was just a few people etc. Not sure if you misread my comment or if I was unclear. I certainly do not agree with calling them Nazis, do you?

  4. Someone wrote let them spend one day in Treblinka to see what the Nazis did .One day one hour would be sufficient. How awful to compare NYPD to Nazis.These people should be punished .

  5. this comes from a generation growing up in boro park thinking they own the place and can do whatever they want
    let me just remind people what my father AH (who was from Hungary) used to to tell me
    the Hungarian goyim used to say “the Jews may own the buildings but we own the land”
    this was proven very true!!!

  6. I assume we need to be dan lkaf zchus Leiby Kletzky killer? How about all those abusers in the community, let’s be dan lkaf zchus them too. Enough with this nonsense. If Jews misbehave and are out of line we have an obligation to point it out so it does not happen again. Such naive idiots some people are .

  7. FORGET THE POLICE! There were several instances there of people in OUR community acting improperly!!!

    Why can’t people admit that?????

    Whether the police were/ are right or wrong is IRRELEVANT. It does not excuse bad behavior.

    Just because your a yid from BP doesn’t mean everything you do is right.


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