Doug Jones Pulls Off Electoral Surprise, Beats Roy Moore


A Democrat was just elected as a senator from Alabama. And it took a most flawed Senate candidate in recent memory to make it happen.

Doug Jones, making his first run for elected office, defeated former State Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore tonight, according to the Associated Press, breaking a decades long dry spell for Democrats in the Yellowhammer State.

Jones seemed like a long shot. A Democrat had not been elected statewide in Alabama since 1996. But after allegations surfaced about Moore’s personal conduct, Jones’ prospects looked brighter.



  1. A few thoughts:
    1) This isn’t a repudiation of President Trump. This is a repudiation of a candidate who just had too many negatives to overcome. If anything, it’s surprising that he came so close to winning.
    2) Had Moore admitted that there was some truth to the accusations against him, but made the point that in the nearly forty years since then he was a different person, would the Alabama voters have found him more palatable?
    3) Personally, I believe that the sheer volume of accusers and their witnesses means that there is truth to what they’re saying. (That doesn’t mean I’d convict him in a court of law – that requires a far deeper and more thorough understanding of all the evidence, as well as all the legalities of a criminal prosecution.) Can you even imagine if it now comes out that one or more of his accusers was less than truthful?
    4) The sole focus of the race – outside of Alabama, anyway – was on Moore’s character. We know nothing about Doug Jones.
    5) In 2016 the Democrats did the GOP a huge favor by nominating the one person who Donald Trump could beat. With Roy Moore’s nomination, it seems the Republicans have returned the favor.
    6) Now that this extraordinarily nasty campaign is finished, is there any possibility things will be more civil? We can only dream.

    • There’s absolutely no evidence and no proof that he did anything immoral. This is an old ‘trick’ WORLDWIDE to get rid of a candidate / teacher / principal or anyone that bothers you – already in the Gemara time. You know how many innocent people are sitting in jail because of these false accusations? That more women suddenly came forward after 40 means nothing as they were SURELY ALL paid for it by the Democrats or Deep State, as some women already admitted.
      One thing is for sure, you’re missing the 5th chelek Shulchan Aruch.

      • But it works, because the GOP, or at least the old time GOP, or establishement, or whatever you want to call them, care about morals, and they will not vote for someone with questionable morals. On the other hand, such tactics won’t work against democrats, because the liberals won’t care about such allegations, if anything they will just get more votes.
        Sad thing is, the new generation of Trump-era Republicans seem to be the same as the libs in this regard, they don’t get turned off by such allegations, only seem to invent host of excuses for them.
        Good thing is that Moore lost, it shows that the voters (at least the Republican ones) still care about these issues. Does it mean that there will be fake accusations against GOP candidates? Probably, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore all allegations.

    • If the FBI themselves PAID FOR Hillary’s the filth dossier to smear Trump with some immoral accusations, it should give you some understanding what the FBI, the CIA, the Democrats and Deep State are and how much truth there is to any of the accusations against Moore and Trump.

  2. Two more things:
    7) The “Faithless Republicans”, specifically Senator Shelby with his suggestion to write in a Republican other than Moore, probably tipped the scales, since the number of write-ins exceeded Jones’s margin of victory. What repercussions, if any, will Shelby’s actions have?
    8) Steve Bannon took a very thinly-veiled swipe at Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka for saying she believes Moore’s accusers. President Trump can’t be too happy with Bannon about that.

    • Exactly like Trump. He didn’t get 50% of the Republican primary vote, and he sure didn’t get even 50% if the general election. So no mandate there either. If the GOP would only have had 1 candidate against Trump, a real conservative, then we wouldn’t be in this whole mess.


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