DOUBLE STANDARD: Har Habayis: Metal Detectors Only for Jews – Not for Muslims


The Supreme Court backed a police decision to continue to restrict the use of metal detectors at Har Habayis to Jews and non-Muslims while letting Muslims enter unchecked.

The right-wing Otzma Yehudit group argued that the police discriminated against Jews by removing all metal detectors placed at entrances to Har Habayis after the murder of two police officers except those at the Mughrabi Gate used by Jews and foreigners. Furthermore, Muslims were historically involved in terror attacks on Har Habayis and not Jews.

Supreme Court President Esther Chayut countered that she was satisfied with the police’s justification of the situation. Furthermore, she said, Jews have the right to enter even if they need to undergo more scrutiny to do so.

{ Israel}


  1. “Metal Detectors Only for Jews – Not for Muslims”
    That makes sense. It makes as much sense as:
    -Umbrellas only for sunny days.
    -Medicine only for those who are well
    -Patching only tires with no leaks
    -Binoculars only for the blind
    -Sunscreen for nighttime use only

  2. It may be true that there is a double standard but Halacha doesn’t allow going on the Har Habayis anyhow. Those who go on it are in fact trying to show that “we” own the Har HaBayis not them.

    Without the Para Adumah the Har HaBayis was never a place Yidden went to daven on and always a place Yidden stayed away from.

    • Hey 8:16, please learn actual halachos: different area of Har Habais have different dinim – some can be entered b’tuma, it is permitted to enter even Beis Hamikdosh and bring korbonos b’tumas meis under certain circumstances. Either learn actual halacha, or don’t express amoratsushe “opinions”.

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