DOUBLE STANDARD FLASHBACK: When Obama Kicked Out a Reporter, He Was Applauded


Social Media is buzzing with a video of former president Barack Hussein Obama kicking a reporter out of the White House by explicitly saying “remove him.”

When President Donald Trump simply told CNN’s Acosta to be civil, he was being harshly condemned.




  1. How can you compare the 2 incidents? This bum that President Obama asked to be respectful or leave, was not a reporter. You’re only trying to paint our first African-American President in a bad light. This is a form of racism. I thought your website was above this.

    • Dear Gadol Ha Dork,
      Based on the comment above and the comments you previously made, you are a race baiter. Do you purposely do this or are you inherently self-hating, guilt-ridden, or a perpetual victim of “everything comes down to race”?

    • KleinKop!
      The heckler could have been a dope off the street. Reporters are supposed to be professionals. All the more reason they should be admonished when they act like jerks.

  2. Bla bla bla they will never be menchen and nobody expects them to it is their right to condemn any republican for any reason and we have to be good serfs and take it

  3. reporter or not all should be respectful which is sadly lacking today. when you don’t have valid point you pull the race card.


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