Don’t Worry, The White Powder Is Aspirin Crystals


aspirinIf you get an envelope in the mail containing white powder, chances are, it’s nothing to go crazy about, say officials. According to officials, the Bayer Aspirin Company will be deploying a nationwide mass mailing ad campaign that seems a little “misguided.” Between May 20 and May 29, the Aspirin Company will be sending out 178,000 envelopes. Of those envelopes, 33,561 will contain a sample of Bayer Aspirin Crystals, which is a white powder.In a statement provided by the Boston Regional Intelligence Center:

“Area police departments, EMT’s, and hospitals should be aware of these mailings and the potential to present as “white powder” calls. In addition, private sector mailrooms should be aware that these envelopes may be coming through their respective facilities.”

Anyone who receives an envelope containing a white powder in the mail should contact authorities if they are unsure of its contents.

{Boston Regional/ Newscenter}



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