Don’t Miss The Massive One Day Suit Event – Today


What’s the big fuss over a custom suit these days that people are boasting about? Why can’t I be happy scooting over to that lame, shady, dark factory and spend the same $300 that I’ve been spending my whole life? 

Ever wonder why it’s so obvious when someone is wearing a custom suit? It’s because there are 37 different measurements involved. On a custom suit the 37 measurements are perfect and precise. And while we can’t promise that all custom suit shops can guarantee that, we CAN promise that Fino Custom can. 100%. 

Those old suits are boring. Spice things up in your boring life for once. Do a hot pink lining. Show a flash of color when you waltz down the street. Choose from a variety of colors for your stitching. Maybe a nice blue or metallic silver to give your suit’s edges some…edge.

Starting at $399 only you can have this! Spoil yourself. Is $399 even considered spoiling yourself? That’s the price of that basic suit you weren’t thrilled with after you’re finished all the alterations. But this is Fino Custom; elegant and classy. Friendly and professional. 
Today is the last day to order a custom suit for Pesach at Fino Custom in Lakewood. We will also be serving wine, sushi, and hot food. Now THIS is the way to get a custom suit.

Materials from Zegna, Holland and Sherry, Cerruti, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis.
Fino Custom Lakewood
116 Hillside Blvd Lakewood NJ 08701 



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