Don’t Assume it Has a Hashgacha


supersolThere is a branch of SuperSol Deal supermarket located on Rechov Kanfei Nesharim in Yerushalayim’s Givat Shaul neighborhood. Ironically, it is situated in a religious neighborhood and bridges two other religious neighborhoods, Har Nof and Kiryat Moshe. Nevertheless, during a routine shopping outing last night, the decision was made to inquire as to the supervision of the fruit and produce department since no kashrus certificate was visible. When asked, the assistant manager on duty explained that at one time earlier, they had supervision from the Cholon Rabbinate, quickly adding they are in the process of obtaining supervision from the Yerushalayim Religious Council.When asked – and somewhat pinned in a corner – he explained at present, there is no kashrus supervision on the fruit and vegetables sold in the store.

Seeing outwardly appearing religious folks buying is not a replacement for kashrus supervision. One should not assume that a store in a religious neighborhood has supervision and one should not be embarrassed to ask. If enough shoppers ask, the stores will eventually get the message.

{JerusalemKosherNews/Yair Israel}


  1. I’m not sure why unprocessed fruits and vegetables need hashgacha. Fresh produce would seem to have no kashrus problems outside of the need to check for insects.

    Is this a real issue or someone’s new chumra?

  2. Rachel, in Eretz Yisroel one needs to take off trumah, maaser, be certain that the fruit is not from shviis or orlah.

  3. In Israel you have on “unprocessed fruits and vegetables” trumos, masseros, shmitta, sometimes orla, etc….
    we are speaking about issourim chamurim, not “someones new chumra” ???!!!!!!

  4. Sure it’s a tremendous issue, as in Israel you have trumos and ma’asros that have to be dealt with, as well as Shmitta issues when applicable.

  5. I shopped in this store a few times and I saw they had poor or no hashgacha, so I never bought produce there.


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