Donors Angry at Masbia’s Alexander Rapaport for Protesting Trump’s Immigration Order


Alexander Rapaport, director of Masbia soup kitchen, rallied support for his Yemeni neighbors who were protesting President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, JTA reports.

Not everyone was happy about the gesture.

Rapaport, who said, according to JTA, that “his experience being the victim of anti-Semitism forces him to call out hatred against others,” is now receiving flack for helping to organize a communal show of support last week for a local Yemeni-owned bodega.

“I received your solicitation letter in the mail along with this phone number,” read a text message he received Wednesday. “After seeing, though, that you protested President Trump’s executive order, and thus shamefully sided with those who are putting American lives in danger, I am no longer able to donate to your organization.”

The message, Rapaport told JTA, was referring to a fundraising letter he sent a few weeks ago to about 1,500 “top donors” — those who had given a one-time three-figure donation to the New York-based Masbia Soup Kitchen Network.



  1. Mr. Rappaport is not using sane judgment in this case. As a non profit, he should stay as far away from politics as he possibly can. There is no need for him to go PC all of a sudden. He has nothing to gain, and a lot to lose, as we already see. Masbia does unbelievable great work and it should stay that way. Don’t start letting your opinions known in public. It NEVER ends well.

    • This is equivalent to hostage-taking: don’t attack me because innocents will be hurt.

      There are other organizations who would be happy to take the diverted money.

  2. The president is protecting us, no one else will. It is not a muslin ban, a muslin from France Canada England etc may visit us in boro park. Don’t mix politic and soup.

  3. Got to make a decision, if this is Rappoport’s principles stick by it & whocares abouyt the donor. On the other hand I would stop my donation if I was a donor. The presidents executive order is for our safety…

  4. Does Mr. Rappapirt even understand the ban? I suppose he doesn’t.
    The ban is not about limiting immigration . It is about a certain period of time to vet out criminals from countries that ARE INTERESTED IN OUR DESTRUCTION. Surely Mr Rappaport can understand that, can’t you, Mr Rappaport? It bodes well for him and every jew to understand the ban and not react as if this is a total ban on immigration. ..which IT IS NOT.
    BTW…are you also protesting for your fellow jews in Israel who are TOTALLY BANNED from entering several countries, for the mere fact that they are Jewish?
    Please get your priorities in order and stick to your chessed projects…it does not bode well for us…we need to stay under the radar sometimes and not always be so vocal. Gotta know when to pick and choose our fights.

  5. i often wonder why the jewish nation is blessed with so many stupid people. if someone can explain what this executive order has to do with hate i’ll change my mind. i mean the people this guy would like to let in want to kill him more than anyone else! so you have people who clearly want to kill you and you want to let them! crazy!

    • anon21

      as usual you show your hate for yidden….the jewish people ae blessed withe far more smart brilliant people than others. so one person or more did or said something not smart so all jewish people are stupid?..

      You are a perfect example of a jew hating gentile that doesnt belong on these sites

      • Dear Joseph, please don’t serve as a proof to anon21’s point. Please improve your reading comprehension before you call other Yiden antisemites, all while you defend a guy who wants to import the islamonazi murdererous antisemites.

  6. Did he discuss his protest with any responsible rabbonim. Why is it when Meir kahane organized protest rallies on behalf of Soviet Jews,the various rabbonim came out to condemn him. But when this masbis guy comes out protesting to bring in more Arabs into America,when 70 to 90 per cent hate Jews, no one protests from leadership rabbinic positions. Maybe there won’t be a 911 attack from these new illegal middle easterners. But there will be attacks of all sorts by their youth on yeshiva boys coming home. I have seen it a number of times. When our community will register to vote and outvote these liberal democRats will see change.

    • Dear Sheker, if you so desire to import the islamonazis into this country, why wait many years until they arrive in sufficient quantities – move to an islamonazi country of your choice, where you may enjoy the company of those you’d like to impose upon us. You liberal hypocrite!

  7. If Mr Rappaport feels so strongly for his Yemeni neighbors let him solicit money from them!! Shame on you Mr Rappaport. They have zero interest on helping you (besides maybe to kill you) but your bleeding heart says you should join with them

  8. For all you guys information I’m a frum Jew. So instead of just calling me an anti Semite why don’t you pay attention to what I said. I never said all Jews are stupid. So go back and read the post and maybe you guys are stupid too.

      • Joseph, your postings indicate that: a)you can’t understand what you read, b)you are an islamonazi supporter, c)who knows if you are Jewish altogether, you certainly don’t present as frum.

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