Donald Trump To Visit Israel By End Of 2015, Prime Minister’s Office Confirms


trumpRepublican presidential candidate and billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump is expected to visit Israel before the end of 2015, the Israeli Prime Minister’s office confirmed.

An unnamed Israeli official said that Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu will meet with Trump during his visit as part of Netanyahu’s policy of meeting all major presidential candidates.

Trump has been leading the crowded Republican field in nearly every national poll over the last few months. Thursday’s confirmation of the visit comes after Trump indicated at a rally in Virginia on Wednesday night that he plans to visit Israel “soon.”

“I love Israel,” Trump told Jewish Republicans in Manassas, Va.

“Israel is our real strong supporter,” and a place Trump has “always wanted to visit,” he said.

Regarding Netanyahu, Trump said, “He’s a good man. He’s worked very hard. He has absolutely no support from President [Barack] Obama. Absolutely none.”





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