Donald Trump Attacks Fox News Again


TRUMPMonths after the latest detente agreement between Donald Trump and Fox News chief Roger Ailes, the Republican presidential frontrunner went on the warpath again Tuesday morning.

After watching Megyn Kelly’s Monday evening coverage of the primary campaign, Trump called her “very bad at math” and “the most overrated anchor” on the network, and labeled her staff “flunkies.”

The prompting for this rant was Kelly’s erroneous script that mislabeled the size of Trump’s lead in a recent national poll.

A network spokesperson confirmed that while the graphic was correct, the script was incorrect, and “will be corrected during tonight’s program.”

Nevertheless, Trump also tore into several other major Fox News personalities to bash the network as a whole. “Between Iraq war monger @krauthammer, dummy @KarlRove, deadpan @GeorgezWill, highly overrated @megynkelly, among others, @FoxNews not fair!” he wrote. Read more at Business Insider.




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