Donald Sterling Calls Barack Obama ‘Flippant’ – And He’s Right On The Money


donald-sterlingLos Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is sounding off about President Barack Obama’s comments on the scandal surrounding the NBA figure’s racist comments, calling the president’s remarks “flippant.”

“I think that was such bad judgment on his part to make a flippant comment from Malaysia,” a voice that is purportedly Sterling’s says in a series of audio recordings published Wednesday by the Daily Mail.

“He’s a good guy, and I like him, I just think everybody wants to get into the act, is that it?” Sterling added.

Last month, Obama responded to the audio recordings in which Sterling made racist remarks, calling them “incredibly offensive.”

“When people – when ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything, you just let them talk. And that’s what happened here,” the president said at the time during a news conference in Malaysia.

Sterling’s comments, which rocked the NBA, led to the league’s commissioner, Adam Silver, banning Sterling from the league for life and fining the owner $2.5 million. Silver said he would move to force a sale of the team.

However, in the recording obtained by the Daily Mail, Sterling questioned the fine, adding that his lawyers said it’s excessive.

“Well let’s see. If the Supreme Court of the United States – and they’ve done this to baseball players – feels that it’s excessive, that it’s unfair, they’ll reduce it,” Sterling said.


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  1. Matzav is right for saying the truth about the whole Sterling fiasco. The liberal media and the liberal country have gone nuts

  2. Mr. Sterling has a deep crevasse to climb out of in life right now. But despite his reality, Mr. Obama was truly in poor reflection to make a legislation on a commentary of a ratcheted up story from a foreign soil. Its like thinking you can claim the waving arrow for your own talk back when you are just looking for a new answer for your own remote liberty.

    I think this is a very dismal saga in American history.

    Mr. Sterling is being overly wrapped in the violent anti-social sentiment of the league’s regressive experiment with dismal returns on challenge, but it was a good deal to make him a talking point to be discussed.

  3. His (Sterling’s)comments however unfortunate were said in private.(He changed his last name to his present surname).

    Private remarks do not deserve such public scrutiny.

  4. Donald Sterling & Barack Obama are a pair of “ignorant folks”. Like Obama said “Just let them talk”…

  5. Had we not heard of Sterling due to that incredible busha and chilul Hashem of last week, would anyone care about these most recent comments?

  6. While I am not personally a supporter of President Obama’s policies, I really question the wisdom of adding in the title “and he’s right on that one”. I think as frum Jews in the medina shel chesed, it behooves us to refrain from negative comments about the leaders of this country. We can disagree with his policies without denigrating him personally.


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