Don Jr: Some in Government ‘Don’t Want to Let America be America’


Donald Trump Jr. said on Tuesday that “there are people at the highest levels of government that don’t want to let America be America,” while suggesting that there is an inter-governmental conspiracy against his father, President Donald Trump. The remarks were made at a conservative student conference.

“My father talked about a rigged system throughout the campaign, and people were like, ‘Oh, what are you talking about?’” the younger Trump said. “But it is. And you’re seeing it.” READ MORE AT CNN.



  1. It’s just that they’re used to a Sodomite life of lawlessness and corruption where capitalism is a sham that benefits only the top. These corrupt government G-dless officials (mostly Democrats and RINOs) hate Trump with a passion because he wants to bring morality, ethics, law and order back to the US and take their “parnassah” they stole from taxpayers away.

    • Did I read that correctly? Trump wants to bring morality and ethics back to this country? Trump? What kool-aid have you been drinking?
      You want morality? Look to the real conservatives, those who stick to their beliefs even when they aren’t popular. You would probably label then Rinos for disagreeing with Trump, but the true conservatives sure don’t think Trump is the one to advance the cause of morality and ethics.
      You need to turn off Hannity, time to start thinking for yourself. Start by asking why Hannity is throwing away all the ideas and beliefs that he preached for so many years, just to make Trump happy. Then you can start reading real conservative thinking, and try to figure out why so many in the GOP have thrown that all away just because a NY lib won the election.

      • When will you get your head out of the sand sand and stop being from the 92% gullible people who believe Fake News, the CIA and Deep State? FYI Trump is anything but a lib. He is from the few moral and ethical goyim in the world today who also has Heavenly fear.

  2. Process the future. No Medicare.

    America can be America. Fewer citizens.

    Glad we can make cuts. The military is building, the rich are getting twice the size their yachts and the rest of the citizens just worry about getting sick.

    Pretty neat. Donald Jr. Has nothing to worry.

      • Why would I? I would go to a good fellow probably in a new election or reelect Trump. I have to gauge the climate. I do not think you are creditable to argue your counterpoint by the idea that the defeated candidate is any considered further up hope unless she runs again. It is very unlikely in the years she would opt that and I have in my commentary decided her other unorthodoxy is not worth another look.

        In all, we must discuss our priorities in America. We must have a state and we must have orthodox religion. Maybe Trump is putting us in good shape, but with the deficit, one surmises we are scattered small.

        Lets see how this goes. We have time to hope to fix or just adapt to new experience.

        One however does not atone by removing health benefits and social security needs. There will be wrong experience.

        Shame is not always to blame but blame can be shame. Share more work for our constitution.



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