Does Illegal Kallah Require Get?


Police recently stopped a wedding from taking place between a 15-year-old boy and 13-yearold girl in Yerushalayim and arrested the adults involved.  

The father, who knew nothing of the wedding at the time, asked Rav Moshe Bransdorfer whether his daughter required a get.

Rav Bransdorfer noted several reasons why this might be necessary.

Although witnesses claim the raid occurred before a ring was handed to the kallah, they may have said this to avoid charges of involvement with an illegal wedding. In addition, the Shulchan Aruch rules that rumor of a woman having married is enough grounds to require a get and Rabbeinu Chananel holds that standing beneath a chupah suffices for a marriage to take place.

He therefore ruled that the girl may not marry until she receives a get.

{ Israel}


  1. In Zionist Israel it’s 100% legal for young boys and girls to live together and even have children as long as they don’t officially get “married” the kosher and holy way.

  2. “Illegal” by secular law. Medeoraisa she is a gedolah (or bogeres). The question is was the kiddushin chal or not and Rabbi Brandsdorfer seems to think it is a legitimate safeik.

  3. Secular laws have no effect on hilchos gittin vekidushin. Halachically these newlyweds are old enough to be considered adults, and as such are allowed to get married without any parent’s permission. So the kallah is not “illegal”. Israeli police should be chasing the islamonazi terrorists, not some youngsters who decided to get married. Whether this couple was or wasn’t affiliated with lev tohor is irrelevant to the topic of conversation: they are allowed to get married according to halacha, period.

    • Not everything that’s permissible according to Halachah is right to be done.

      Why was this wedding kept as a secret from the Kallah’s father? Also because it’s not required according to Halachah?

      • 2:03, we are not discussing family relationships here. The young couple have a right to be married according to halacha, period.

  4. First, Dina D’Malchus of course has an effect on the kiddushin. Kol D’mikadesh al daas d’rabbonon mekadesh, and the Rabbonon do not allow breaking a countries legitimate laws in order to make a kiddushin.

    Regardless, as many wrote above, the girl was a gdolah at the time of the Kiddushin. So shes no longer in her father’s rishus and he, nor this Rabbi, have any right to asur her on anyone else. Its non of their business, unless they want to marry her. When shes ready, if she has a shailah, she has to ask one herself, and that Rov, who she asks, if she asks, will paskin.

  5. 4:54, read the article. there were no eidim to any kedushin. Its all an assumption. And we dont assume a woman will be oveir an issur, even a drabbonon like the obligation to follow dina d’malchus, just to accept a kedushin. Also its absolutely foolish and ridiculous to assume everyone who was there are lying and saying they did not see a kiddushin if supposedly there was one that took place and she could be an eishis ish! How absurd!!


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