Dodge To Stop Making The Grand Caravan After Almost 30 Years, Even Though It’s Their Best Selling Vehicle


grand-caravanChrysler is getting rid of the soccer mom staple Dodge Grand Caravan minivan, the company announced on Monday. 2013 will be the last year the Caravan is sold, despite the fact it is currently the best selling Dodge vehicle on the market.

The more upscale Chrysler Town and Country minivan will continue on as the only van the company offers.

Chrysler Group LLC has also shelved plans to make Fiat-built subcompact vehicles for the Chrysler and Dodge brands, Automotive News reported on Monday.

Chrysler created the modern minivan in when they introduced the 1984 model year Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager models.
Chrysler will replace the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan and the Dodge Avenger mid-sized sedan with a single crossover in 2013, Chrysler Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne said in an interview with the publication in Turin, Italy.

Marchionne also said the company will not offer Chrysler and Dodge subcompacts and will rely solely on the Fiat 500 small car, a departure from the product plan laid out in November 2009.

Chrysler is whittling down its vehicle offerings to avoid duplication and give each brand a distinct identity, Marchionne told Automotive News.

‘We’re not going to create the confusion and conflict in the showroom,’ he said.

Marchionne is also the CEO of Italian automaker Fiat SpA , which is the majority owner of Chrysler.

{Daily Mail/ Newscenter}


  1. Ford made a similar decision when they stopped making the Taurus, which was a top seller. There may be other factors involved than just current sales, such as marketing, image, etc.

  2. Still hanging on to my 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager – 150k miles. B”H still going strong! That’s right. Remember Plymouth?


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