Doctor Used Hebrew Code To Warn Sheldon Silver About FBI


The government’s key witness in the corruption retrial of Sheldon Silver used Hebrew code to tell the then-Assembly speaker in 2014 that he had been visited by FBI agents who were poking around the powerful politician’s finances, it was revealed in Manhattan federal court Tuesday.

Dr. Robert Taub said he used the phrase “bikur cholim” — a Jewish commandment to visit and extend aid to the sick — to warn Silver that the feds were on his tail.

“I mentioned it to let him know that I had been rendered ill … rendered sick by a visitation,” Taub told the Manhattan federal jury Tuesday.

Silver, 74, is now being retried in Manhattan federal court over allegations that he sold his office as one of the three most powerful politicians in the state — along with the Senate majority leader and governor — in exchange for $4 million in illegal kickbacks.

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    • Yes it is. That’s why he has more problems. Unfortunately Jews are not trusted anymore. Hebrew national slogan was wrong-we do not report to a higher authority and the fear of the government is evaporating.

  1. One day the Jews will be driven out of this country. this one of the many reasons. like fiddler on the roof. good bye Anateckva.


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