Doctor Get License Revoked After Prescribing “Weed Cookies” To Toddler


The Medical Board of California has revoked the license of a doctor in Los Angeles who told a father to give marijuana cookies to his son as a way to treat the boy’s temper tantrums.

The doctor, William S. Eidelman — a “natural medicine physician,” according to his website — made the recommendation after the father, who has not been identified, brought his then 4-year-old son to see the doctor because his son “had episodes of uncontrollable behavior and temper tantrums” which was causing the boy trouble at school, according to the state medical board’s decision.

It’s important to note the board did not revoke his license because he recommended giving marijuana to a small child because “it has not been established, by clear and convincing evidence, that the recommendation of medical marijuana to [the boy], with his father’s consent, violated the standard of care.”

Rather, the medical board said the doctor “committed gross negligence” because Eidelman during the appointment with the 4-year-old and his father “did not observe the boy having a temper tantrum or uncontrollable behavior.” Read more at Fox News.



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